Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The robber bride - Margaret Atwood

I liked the blind assassin a lot. The book by margaret atwood i  mean. So i read the handmaids tale which was also haunting and i picked up the robber bride from Blossoms. The book is haunting. When you get down to it, it simply details a few incidents in the lives of three women whose significant other betrayed them for the same other woman - Zenia. The book starts at her funeral. In a few scenes, she is found to be alive and very much in their midst and not just in their thoughts.

The books is very well written and the character of Zenia beautifully fleshed out through thoughts. You dont know her history or for that matter her present. You just know that she is self centered and the impact she has on the three women. In each passage, you get to envision the pain, the hopelessness and the beauty that is life.

You have Roz a career woman running her own magazine, you have Charis/Karen a person a slight scatter brain looking for peace and joy and finally you have the historian Tony. Each character is so vivid and stays with you. Life like is the more appropriate word. Some of their traits might be exaggerated but their fear in losing what is left of their lives when they see Zenia and how they handle it, reveals a lot more than paragraphs that detail each of them.

A well written book though not as captivating as The Blind Assassin. A good read i would say.

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Raji said...

i wanna read it.So i ddnt read ur review