Monday, June 06, 2011

Sillunu Oru Kadhal

I must come across as a wee bit outdated to write a review for this movie so many years after it was released. But the truth was i never wanted to finish watching it as i was used to HATE lying and liars.Unfortunately the world is full of them and after a few bitter experiences with so called friends, i can tolerate lying now. :)

5 reasons the movie is brilliant

1. You have a guy who doesnt want to get married and just 5 seconds later, he is happily married with a kid. No explanations period. How or why they reconciled and how they are able to live with each other
2. He names his kid after his ex girlfriend whom his wife doesnt know about and when she finds out about the ex, she tries to get him to spend a day with her. Ahem. DIVORCE seems to have been the right course of action to take. How could she accept him naming their kid in her memory? I dint find it cute. I found it damn disgusting
3. The ex (Bhoomika) arrives and lo and behold she is hot after spending a few years in austrailia.Frankly i feel her initial curiousity in meeting Surya gives way to relief as she is happy it is Jyotika and not her who is living such a mundane existence. (My interpretation. Yes. I am cynical. Those of you who found it cute, please dont tell me.
4. The baseless Vadivelu's comedy track
5. Sukanya and Santhanam - this time around i am not being sarcastic. Both of them have done a good job in the movie.

I dont understand why people found the movie cute or why it was a hit. Is it in an attempt to justify arranged marriages that celebrate love?  Or is it because we are so starved for romance in our lives that we appreciate it in whatever form it is thrown at us? I can only wonder.

But yeah, the songs - Munbe vaa and New york nagaram are amazing. Period. :)

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Raji said...

this film like all films has a male point of view...what you consider mundane is actually the male version of bliss, where the couple and the kid love and live for one another.The reality is that this kind of understanding doesn't really happen in families.