Thursday, May 24, 2012

Times change

One of my favorite lines has always been - "Times change". Thats the standard excuse i use for a lot of things in life - not keeping in touch, not working as hard, not exercising enough, not being careful to mention a few. However, thanks to a few things which happened yesterday, I can safely say, "Times change, but all people dont. Somethings never do."

I dedicate this post to a few people who have made a difference in my life in their own simple nice way without expecting much. Those who have been there for me through a lot and somehow stood by (or put up , whichever you prefer) me accepting who I am. Thank you. And yeah, congratulations, or should i say all the best for your new journey? It is going to be one helluva ride. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Punjabi Rasoi

I love food. That, is no secret to anyone who has bothered to read this blog. What i find surprising though is the fact that I had never been to Punjabi Rasoi in these many years of living in bangalore!

Food : 

The food is awesome. It is very rich, no doubt but it is really tasty. They have an amazing menu with a variety of items (both veg and non veg) and whatever I had there (apart from the veg fried rice which was average) was awesome. The portions are pretty big and you will find yourself taking a doggy bag (or a left over to be eaten the next day) 

Ambiance : 

They haven't bothered much about the ambiance, it seems like a run down place when there is no power as the steps leading up to the restaurant are pitch dark. But the crowd did not seem to mind it and people were waiting in the dark. They were playing Punjabi music in there yesterday (after the power came back) and except for the decibel levels, it was ok. The tables are a little close though, so if you are planning to go some place private, this is definitely not it.

Service : 

The service was quick. The food was brought real fast and served without much ado. They did not over crowd the table and brought things over at the right pace.

Cost : 

It was value for money. Two vegetarians can comfortably have a nice three course meal (starters, main dish, drinks) in around 600 bucks and wade out rubbing their stomachs. 

A good experience. If you are going to take a bus from Indira Nagar, you might as well have your dinner here.

Over before it started

I felt like it had just started. The much awaited weekend. I went for a drive, ate lot of junk food and well, did not or rather could not sleep all of last night thanks to the power failure. Now here I am and it is over even before it started. I just wish weekends were longer. It is just so unfair. Atleast i watched criminal minds back to back. Now i can say, I have some insight into the criminal mind the way the serial guys want me to think. Something useful did happen this weekend, in a way i guess.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I sometimes think as to why I am not thinking (rather introspecting). In those instances, I try to set aside some time to think. Then I begin to wonder as to which of my immediate problems the thinking will solve. In case it is not any (which is mostly the case), I just give up thinking and go along with the flow. I float around in the abyss of time and I wonder if I will ever be able to reach the destination I seek. For any destination becomes a mere stop in a long route and I just keep going on and on and on. I just wish I can sit under the shade of a tree and ponder. I guess sometime soon, I will have to do that for the waves can take me only so far.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I love all this superhero stuff and hence - this review can be really biased simply because I am loyal to the stuff I really like.

The plot is very usual. There is one villain who controls massive super power and there is wait no, there are a bunch of heroes ready to fight to save the world. The movie is like a painting in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. You have a bunch of seemingly unrelated colors coming together in random patterns to create a beautiful work of art you never saw coming. But then you realise that every stroke, including those imperfections contributed to making something that is really enjoyable.

Hulk and Iron man are hilarious though the latter has the best lines in the movie. Thor is handsome, but he has very little to do in this movie ( I would have liked to see more of him). Captain America - oh god - why did they make the character such a "goody two shoes"? I did not like him too much. I guess my super heroes are not perfect. I know too well that it is impossible to be all prim and proper in this crazy world and still be a hero. Whom else did i miss - yes, the black widow is awesome. Like someone said, her super power is that she is Scarlett Johansson. :) 

The initial scenes in the movie were a little slow, but then we were sitting in the worst possible theater (Innovative Marathahalli) and trying to watch a supposedly 3D movie without glasses as the 3D effects sucked. I think I will have to go to a better multiplex and watch the movie again for a nicer experience. The final 30 mins were brilliant. "Hulk : Smash". Lol. 

A definite watch. A movie i really enjoyed. I am all geared up to see some more super hero movies now. :)

I see you

I see you fall
unable to even support
your own weight
Or should I say
that you fall
simply because of the load you carry?

I see you break
into a million pieces
and watch them float away
in different directions
each piece wanting to move away
from the scene of crime

I see you keep the load afloat
Never letting it sink
holding it high above the lashing waves
Time - was never an easy friend to have.
Time was just a foe waiting to happen.

I see your pieces come together
The strong ones which refused
to be broken
The tiny pieces - your very atoms join back
for they know not how else to exist

I watch spell bound as the rest come back
and give back a form
to the idea that is you
I see the new you with the same old pieces
and all I can do is salute you

My dear obstinate soul
You just refuse to give up
I think you know not how to.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Passport woes

I ideally should not be complaining. But then I have had the worst week of my life and rather than throw all my anger at a select few, i decided to rant in my blog instead. (Very mature of me, I know). I spent the last two days working really hard to get my passport reissued. I really do not understand what all the fuss is about. When someone like me, a person who is living in a place away from Home (the concept of home itself is relative, ill come to that later) is trying to get something done in the new city, problems arise. Starting with the most basic address proof to the slightly complex marriage certificate. After running from pillar to post, I finally got everything done today. I am so exhausted, i do not even have the energy to shout at someone.

I thought I would spread the joy around and give a few words of caution to all of you about to embark on something of a similar scale :

1. If the web site says one address proof is enough, do not believe it. Carry more than one. But then, carry 2 extra ones just to be safe. I had carried two, and i had to go and get one more.
2. If you are going to a notary, avoid Mayo hall, there are people there who think a 20rs stamp paper must be charged at 50. ( I managed to not shell out so much,but it was still a drama)
3. If your appointment time is at say 12, reach there at 12 and breeze in. Do not go ahead of time. They will make you wait anyway and not even let you go in for document verification. (For a change I had gone early hoping to get my documents verified and go back and get stuff if there was an issue. It was of no use whatsoever!)
4. Ask people where you have to go. They think it is confidential and though helpful once approached, do not share anything with you otherwise. (It could also be because they are exhausted sending people around)
5. Take something to read. It is going to take a long time and you might as well read. (I finished half a Dick Francis in the time i spent waiting)
6. Do not go for a slot after lunch (Lunch is at 1.30). From Counter B on, things go for a standstill and resume only after 2.30, so you are wasting your time.
7. Make friends (I did). People might think you are crazy and hide their cell phones away , but still try to be nice. :)
8. Be prepared to see wailing babies in the waiting room. They are going to be there and wont disappear if you wish for them to go away
9. This one i am very happy to see - Bribes do not work. I saw people trying to bribe their way around and it had no effect whatsoever. Way to go!!
10. Carry all originals even if you deem it unnecessary. There are enough places to photocopy nearby and they do let you out for all that.

Though I was exhausted by the end of it, it was still an efficient process considering the sheer volume of people. Yet another meaningfully meaningless post. Sigh..

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett

Lets just start this post by saying that I am really glad this is not the first Pratchett I read. It was such a let down compared to his usual books. The book is supposed to be about a football match the wizards from the Unseen University have to play in order to keep their largest funding alive. Unfortunately, the action doesnt start until somewhere in the middle of the book. Till then Pratchett leaves us dealing with a (supposed) goblin, his loyal friend who is a candle dribbler and a good kicker, the lady from the night kitchen who is cheeky and ordinary and the best super model the discworld has ever seen.

Mr.Pratchett, you could have seriously made their interactions a little more interesting. The characters were built up decently but it was nowhere close to how much I expected from him. The football match was interesting and so were the training scenes but I frankly had lost all the interest in the book by then and decided to just call it quits. Still my loyalty to Pratchett led me to complete the book and it is also stopping me from writing a bad review. Read the book if you are a die hard fan like me - but only at your own peril. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The year of the flood - Margaret Atwood

I just found out that this book was part of a trilogy. Well, one i intend to get my hands on for sure.

The book is set in the future where the world as we know it is changed beyond recognition in a lot of ways. People are controlled by a syndication with its own guards and a lot of things have changed except for what makes us all human. The future from Atwood's point of view is still a little more cheery than 1984 for sure.

The plot follows multiple characters from a group called the "Gardeners". They believe that the world is going to be destroyed thanks to man's excesses and follow a strange set of rituals and try to live in harmony with nature. A lot of interesting characters are shown and their lives are pretty unique and creative. I have to give it to Atwood for having created such a different blend. The story is a little discontinued at places and that in a way adds a lot of charm to the whole book as such. The three different and still similar characters of Toby, Amanda and Ren offer more than enough food for thought and you realize how differently people respond to seemingly similar circumstances.

The whole story emerges over the multiple chapters as it cuts between the main characters' past and present effortlessly and the seemingly different story lines converge. You cant help but wonder as to how long the plot must have taken to get into this form.

A good read but definitely not for the weak-hearted.

Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett

As i had started it, I really had to end it - I am talking about the Tiffany Aching series and this was the next book i got my hands on.

After the events of "A hat full of sky", we see Tiffany now with a new witch and with a lot of the characters from the previous book. She unwittingly joins the Morris dance and by the end of it has the Wintersmith, the spirit of Winter hopelessly in love with her. He has mistaken her for the Summer lady and will do anything to win her, including becoming a human being.

The story is very enjoyable and the plot is unique in more ways than one. I loved Tiffany's dilemma when she admires the snow flakes that look like her and also is angry that nobody else is noticing it. The story is in a lot of ways a satire on the fairy tales we so love to read. It is much better than a hat full of sky but it does become a little slow towards the end. There are a lot of nice things in the book including but not restricted to "Boffo", the inheritance of the dead witch's hut, the wintersmith's understanding of what makes a human, the silver horse, Roland and Tiffany's evolving relationship, the feegle's love and loyalty for Tiffany and of course well written climax.

I am so glad I read this book. I love the kindle and the access it gives me to books I otherwise have a lot of difficulty in finding.

A hat full of sky - Terry Pratchett

One of the books in the Tiffany Aching series that I had not read. I was more than happy when I got hold of a kindle version of the same.

The plot follows Tiffany as she is learning to be a witch under the tutelage of a slightly weird witch who has two bodies and one soul. But then, who in the witch world is not weird? Tiffany has a lot on her plate now. She not only has to learn witching but also has to survive with a group of younger witches led by a slightly snooty girl who is intent on making her life hell. Add to that the Nac Mac Feegles, their constant monitoring of her life and the surprise visitor intent on occupying her mind, the young woman faces a lot of grown up decisions.

The book is well written and witty though I have to admit that "Wee free men" was way better. The characterization is not very strong in this one and it did leave me wanting for more. I know this is supposed to be a young adult book but I seriously had higher expectations from Terry Pratchett.

The good things about the book are the effortless narration, Tiffany's conflicts and of course the simple plot. But whatever advantages this could have had is simply lost a little by the very simple characterization. I liked the Hiver though and have to admit that I really liked the last chapter and what it represented. Maybe, I am too old for this book. :)


A lot of things in life are put in perspective when someone says,"He still has a lot of life ahead of him. He is very young. He is only 60."

I was too shocked to speak for a few minutes when i heard it first and have been thinking a lot about it after hearing it. What am i chasing all the time in my life? What is it that is driving this incessant need to outdo myself and anyone i see as competition? It might be good for the organization I work for, but ultimately how does it help me? Am i doing what I ought to or in my hurry to prove my worth, just speeding along at break neck speed? I really did not know and I have decided to pause and ponder. I have my whole life ahead of me and no matter what happens, I think one thing I have is a firm belief in myself and the fact that I can pick up broken pieces and stitch them all together into a beautiful form. I just have to be careful that I dont break something that need not be broken in an attempt to create something that is not going to make things better in the first place. :)

For now, I shall just ponder.