Thursday, June 28, 2012

Its all about you

It is your smile

That easily makes it so

For right where you are

I see the sun rise

The sun gives life they say

But why do I lose my breath

When I look into your eyes?


An unusual haunting melody

Follows me around

If random words you said

Can make me feel so

Then wonder I do

What sweet nothings could do


A single moment you touched

And somehow every other minute

Relive it I do

All I have to hold on to

Are memories so bright

Funnily, my memories are made of ice

I see the clock ticking

And I know that slowly disappear you will too


I know my reality

I know my life

Accept it I do

But human that I am

I just long

For beautiful moments

Just with you

Moments I want to live with

And never let go

P.S : Another dedication to the teenager. :D


Unrealized dreams

If it's all about unrealized dreams

All I can do is hope

That one you won't be

But if life has its way

All I can do is live

With it coz I want not to not


I thought I knew satisfaction

I thought I greeted her everyday

I wish I still had the same delusion

To tightly hold on to


I see time my friend laughing at me

And telling me that go back I cannot

Forget I cannot

Step away I will not

Hope I will against all

For you my dear mean much more to me

Than anything ever has


The rational me cant help but wonder

if this feeling of mine

doth meet logic somewhere

If this emotion I feel real strong

Has any basis at all

If this day is even real

For a dreamy quality I find attached

To all those moments we spent


Who you are to me - a random stranger

I find hard to accept

Who I am to you

Maybe you are life's way of paying me back

For all those broken hearts I left lying around

Maybe, you are my final challenge

That one that will remind me that all

I cannot have

Maybe, you are my eternal fantasy

For know not I do how reality would be

With you by my side


I wish a day I had

To live with

Maybe I wish a day I had not

For fantasies aint so beautiful

If reality brushes against them

Lost is the only word I have

To symbolize this state

P.S : Dedicated to the teenager inside me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Conflict of interest

Sometimes you have these dreams, desires or fantasies or whatever you might want to call them. They don't always come true for there like in most places supply is much much lesser than demand. You can't do much but give up because not everything is attainable.
However more often than not I realize its not a bad thing - for reality has this strange way of letting you down and the dream is so much more better. I'd rather live with a beautiful fantasy than a harsh reality at times. Though I guess in the long run I prefer reality no matter how harsh it is.

Friday, June 22, 2012


There it is - smiling and staring
Deep down in the darkest corner
Hidden where i thought I wouldn't find it
sits the monster i so abhor

A monster I thought I had under control
Here it comes again
and i have no choice but to succumb
For they are a part of me
They made me who I am
My deepest, darkest fears

And I keep trying
just really hard
to conquer the monster
Snare the monster
Send it back
And claim the joy that's mine

Monday, June 18, 2012

Reader's block

I have heard of people having a writer's block but i seriously seem to have a reader's block. I have not been able to read a book in a month and I am really bugged.I usually finish like at least one a week but I have not been able to read in a month and I am wondering why. I am spending my time watching "Criminal Minds" (Have almost finished 3 seasons). But i cannot seem to get my hands to remain on a book. I hope i get over this as frankly I feel incomplete. :(

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life is but a game

I mentioned a few posts ago about my addiction to this game "Temple run" and the more i play, the more similarities i see between the game and life : 

1. You run for your life and you still stop to collect coins - you really love your gold
2. You collect coins, go into a store to buy things that will suppposedly make your life easy and help you collect more coins. Sounds similar to the way we keep running to buy things to improve our life to help buy more things later
3. You can play with multiple characters. They effectively all do the same but the change of player with a different look and feel does make things a little different. I do like changing the way i look too.
4. You have multiple objectives and no matter how hard you work or how fast you play, there are always better or luckier players and all you can do is continue running and hope you finish fast
5. Money talks. What you spend hours collecting can be easily had for a few dollars and you cant help but wonder about the whole thing.

Like in life, I am wondering what is it that i am chasing all this time every day of my life, almost every living moment. Is it worth it? Is it all just for collecting more and more of things to just become faster? Better? Should I just take the easier way out? Whenever i even ask myself this question, i automatically know the answer. I just cannot accept the easy way for it is - easy. I need the run for at the end of the day, it has given me a lot of memorable moments (and a lot of heartaches) and I will learn to live with it (i have to constantly evolve and learn you see)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Right in front of me
there lies a kaleidoscope
with life the director
replaying a few beautiful scenes
from times not too long ago

The present beckons
enticing me with beauty,
threatening me with retribution,
but somehow move, I cannot.
Things aint as effortless as they ought to be
for right in front of me
are those moments that enthrall me
that take away the present
for the past was glorious
for the past deserves its due
for the past just is
or rather was
and nothing I do can change it

Times like these I hope
that this present creates
and go back to my world
trying once again and praying
that this present i live fully
giving life its due

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How does it work?

How does it all work? This addiction to a game or a gadget? Do you have like a phase of interest, one of obsession, one of deep devotion and lastly one of de-addiction?

I really thought I was above all that. I usually am never addicted to a game. I love my iPod but I never crave for it. But for the first time I am addicted to this game called "temple run". It is somehow very releasing to play after a day of work. Am not great at it but I've been hooked and I hope I get over it soonElse it'd mean a lot of sleepless nights!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Unreliable reliance

I guess everyone here would have interacted with the "Giant" Reliance group in one way or the other. Either through their digital or book store or clothing lines or atleast the grocery store. I was in Madurai last weekend and we went shopping in the new mall that has come up there. A few "things" i noticed in the reliance stores there :

1. Reliance trends : They had advertised a 50% cash back offer. When i enquired with the sales personnel there, they all said the same thing. " Buy for 1000 and above and get 500 Rs gift voucher which can be redeemed at any reliance store across the country." Like the usual moronic consumer, we bought some items and at the billing, i read the fine print on the voucher and understood that the cash back is "Only" if you buy for 1000rs at least the next time also.So, for every Rs.1000, you get Rs.500 back. This might be a good idea but the way they had marketed it, it sucked BIGGG time. I also forgot to mention, they thrust a reliance one card and said the points had been added to it though i had refused the same.

2. Reliance footwear : The service sucked. But leaving that aside, they had a huge dias in the middle of the shop with multiple foot wear there, all marked Rs.750. We picked up a few and when i showed it to the sales person, "NONE" of them had the offer!! Then, my mom picked up something and we went to bill it, and the guy at the counter told us, it was Rs.799 and not 750. I really do not understand how they can make a mistake like that and get away!

3. Reliance digital : We were looking at a few electronic items in EMI and the board announced that the processing fee was a flat Rs.300. I was pretty over joyed as that would be light on the pocket each month. I cross checked it with 3 separate sales people after the experience in trends and when i went to bill something, they mentioned that the processing fee was 1399 and the board was there by accident. I was furious. The so called reliance one card, which rewards your loyalty (1 point for every rs.100 purchased) was also not valid on digital. They dont want to lose points on large ticket items do they now?

Reliance sucks big time and is definitely the most unreliable, fradulent store ever!! There is no way on earth I am even going to go to the grocery store going forward as this kind of cheating is inexcusable. I was so angry with myself for having fallen for the discount tactics. Even the staff have been trained to lie so that if there are slightly aware consumers like me, they can also be taken for a ride. A pathetic place.A pathetic organization.

Friday, June 08, 2012


Let me start this post on temptation by stating that i aint no saint. I face a lot of temptations everyday and like everyone else try to give in to those that i can well, afford to. :)

I often wonder what would happen to the world if we all try to live by just our impulses and forget everything else. Calling it uncontrollable and horrible will be an understatement as nobody wants things others wouldn't and we aren't exactly polite and nice when we go about asserting ourselves when there are no set social boundaries to follow. 

I am seeing multiple cases of people giving in to temptations without bothering about the rest of the world. Be it by asserting their so called greatness aggressively, or by spending thoughtlessly or by just barging around into other peoples lives because they think they have the right to - It is all saddening. How can we destroy something fragile in such a stupid fashion?! Why are we yielding to the temptation of putting our own self on a pedestal at the expense of the rest of the world? How can we not think?


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Unresolved peaceful conflicts

That is probably one of the most arbit titles i have come up with for a post in my blog. I have not been writing much in the last two months. I am just so caught up in a whirlwind of activities that writing is somehow not finding its place in the list of things to do. I am watching random serials, working a lot, spending time with people i want to (in person i mean - not in email/chat - another activity i realize i miss), reading books i would never review, cooking (to mention a few things i am doing right now).

I thought i would feel guilty for ignoring the one thing that used to give me satisfaction ( I meant writing if you havent got it yet - slow coach). But now i have to admit that i am at peace with the way my life is right now. However, there is this part of me still nagging me out of habit to make sure i post and write and not let that spark die. Not that I am planning to (let the spark die i mean). 

So, here is a peaceful partial resolution to the conflict (which is in a way not too much of a conflict as it is with my own alter ego). I will try to post at least 2 lines a day. Even the most random thing, but i will continue to write. Maybe about the very serials i am watching (Criminal Minds and Dexter) or about the food i ate (hopefully this wont become a recipe blog but cooking is an awesome hobby if you are a foodie), and review perry masons (i do love the lawyer. god knows why!!). I however solemnly promise that no matter what, I will not bring in work or work related issues here.