Monday, August 26, 2013

Chennai express - flies and just saves itself

Shahrukh Khan was one of those heroes i loved as a kid. I grew up and did not find anyone else to fill his shoes - so though his movies did not become better with time, i continued to have a very soft corner for him. When i saw the trailer, i hated the movie. Being a South Indian, some of the scenes and Deepika's hindi just put me off. Still, i could not avoid SRK and i knew i would watch it just like how i sat through Jab tak hai jaan and a few others.

On a lovely evening, I went into the theater and i was strangely delighted!! The movie began and maintained the pace so well until it plummeted to horrible depths in the last 30 minutes. SRK was awesome with his comic timing but Deepika was the best part of the movie. She was lovely, comic, irritating, annoying and lovable all at the same time. She has improved by leaps and bounds over time and man, i am going to add her to the list of actors whose movies i dont miss.

The plot is simple - by a strange twist of fate, SRK ends up in the house of a gunda in south india. He is supposedly in love with his daughter who is looking for ways to escape a marriage fixed against her wishes. He gets consistently beaten up, ridiculed and is such a big coward that as ridiculous as the situation might be, it doesn't become a hero giri and the movie moves towards the expected ending. The songs are hummable and i have been conditioned by the radio channels to fall in love with a couple.  (though i doubt if i can ever accept him doing a lungi dance let alone listen to that.)

A good watch if it were not for the last 20-30 mins but yeah, Rohit Shetty had to end the movie one way or the other. The comic timing, the horrible tamil accent & stereotypes(which makes me laugh at the movie) and of course the lead pair make the movie pretty watchable. Atleast once.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Soothu kavvum - funny and not very flawed

I am surprised I missed watching this one for so long.

A very different plot for a tamil movie. A group of good for nothings with a hallucinatory boss take up kidnapping with a set of five rules. Their initially profitable venture goes for a toss when a corrupt business man asks them to kidnap the son of a straight forward politician. The son has however plans of his own and stages his own kidnapping. Our supr gang kidnaps him back and get in touch with the dad who contrary to expectations goes to the cops. How the gang manages to achieve their goal forms the rest of the plot.

The characters are intelligently carved and the plot is air tight. The humor is the best part of the movie and I really enjoyed the experience.

Definitely worth a watch.

Trance - hooked

An art heist goes wrong and an invaluable painting is missing. The employee Simon who helped with the inside job is in a coma and has hidden the painting and forgotten about it. When torture doesn't reveal the location the group is convinced he has definitely forgotten. They take him to a hypnotist and she becomes wise to the gang harassing Simon. She offers to help them in return for a percentage of the profits.

How the painting is found and the real intentions of the gang are revealed beautifully as the plot progresses.

The acting is brilliant and the relatively tight screen play prevents the viewer from losing interest. I loved James Mcavoy and the relative ease with which he could switch and portray emotions was impressive. Rosario Dawson as Elizabeth banks does an amazing job.

A definite watch for the screenplay, direction, acting and plot. The climax is a slight let down but still forgivable.

Singham 2 - a loud growl

Surya used to be my favourite actor and I still do have a soft corner for him. Singam was a brilliant albeit brainless watch and I was hoping it would be a good sequel.

The hopes dashed when I saw motiwani (that's my name for Hansika) as a school student my hopes were dashed to pieces. I sat through it as I really was in no mood to do anything else.

Durai singam is on a covert mission to weed out arm dealers in tuticorin. He works as an ncc master in the interim in a school and charms Hansika and manages to figure out a drug cartels intentions. He is forced to take his role earlier than necessary as the violence in the city becomes unmanageable. He still doesn't know the entire group behind the drug smuggling and accidentally arrests an African drug lord.

With villains chasing him and the drug lord baying for his blood and his love waiting, the hero rises to the challenge with his signature style and saves the day a little to unbelievably.

An average movie for action lovers - maybe worth a watch if you like surya.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Counting blessings

Its so easy to complain, crib and cry. Effortless.. Today I take this moment to be thankful for all the beautiful blessings in life. Thank you I feel blessed. :)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

EPIC - well crafted and enjoyable

Ha - i finally got to watch the movie. The plot is a combination of honey i shrunk the kids and avatar without the human intervention.

The story centers around a forest where a lot of smart tiny people live. They protect their queen who is the life of the forest. Every 100 years, the queen gets to pick a successor. When she is about to pick one at an auspicious moment, she is killed. Her guardians are devastated. She has however breathed her spirit into a bud which can help save the forest. The bud ends up in the hand of a human being, a girl M.K who has come to live with her eccentric scientist dad. She is shrunk and she joins forces with the leaf men to save the bud from the villains and also figure out how to grow back in size.
There is a cheeky leaf man who has given up trying to be a protector, his mentor - the best of the men there is who the queen was in love with, a crazy guardian of the secrets and memories, a ridiculous villain with a rat coat and his equally stupid son, the very lively heroine - all these characters make the movie an interesting watch.

Since i watched it on a flight, i cannot comment on the 3D, but i think it would have been lovely to watch it in 3D. It was just so beautiful. Definitely worth a watch.


Here i am sitting in an airport on what would have been my saturday evening, watching passersby and wondering when i am going to get to move. Its not my turn yet and i dont know when it would be. I feel so exhausted and i wonder at the hundreds crossing me. Their destinations, dreams, desires and how so quickly they seem to be zipping about. Airports seem to make me philosophical, perhaps because i am not too frequently in them and i dont often have so much time to kill - alone.

We seem to zip through life all the time. Without pausing the savor the few minutes we have left. I wonder - whats the point of it all. When all is said and done, its just ashes which remain. Ashes which cannot even begin to describe the person you were and which will disappear so quickly with time. The memories we try to craft, the moments we try to save - why? Just a wild tiny hope that sometime years after we are gone, we are remembered fondly. Would we even know that? Is there something called an afterlife? Or are we like the tube lights which are useless without electricity? Its a bad analogy as while the human body decays, the tubelights dont. I wonder about after life and i wonder what it entails. I know the one way to figure it out is not the way i want to take for a very long time. Sometimes i think we do all this, so that while we live, we can fill our days with these things and not worry about the ashes? The ashes are all that will remain.