Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ladies coupe - Anitha Nair

I haven't been able to pick up a book in 2 weeks. I heard Anita Nair in today's Bangalore literature fest and picked up her book from the oxford stores stand over there. I started reading in the car, paused to eat and when the lights in the car did not help me read and finished this book in a sitting. It was poignant, thought provoking, sensitive, angry, judgemental and accepting all at once.

More than anything I loved the premise of the book - 6 women sharing their life stories in a ladies coach in a second class compartment. For the uninitiated, the Indian railways is kind enough to offer 6 seats or more in most trains for women.

Akhila has been her family's provider ever since her father passed away. She fit into the role without a second thought and her life changes completely post that. The portrayal of the emotionally starved Akhila is real perhaps cliched and still heart wrenching in places. The loneliness she feels despite playing a crucial role in a family is not that difficult to empathise with and I was drawn to the cotton saree wearing clerk in the income tax department. She is at cross roads in her life as she no longer wants to stick to the roles she is used to and she is unsure of what to do with her life.

She boards a train to kanyakumari and meets 5 women, across different Agee groups, each in different stages of dependency, or rather, each at a different stage of the process of moving from a moth to the butterfly. One refuses to take the pressures, one is already so sheltered that the pressures aren't that scary anyway, one comes up with a sadistic approach to happiness, one defies social norms and follows what the heart wants her to and one - the one left for the last is the strongest of the lot. Each of the stories was similar yet different and though this is not the best prose I've read, I really liked the style of writing. The ending could have been a little less controversial but in a deeper sense, perhaps this was the one act that had to be committed to attain the much needed respite.

While some might argue that Akhila's transformation is too sudden, I feel that the 5 conversations in the train just gave her the final burst of energy she finally needed to break out and fly.

A good read if you want to glimpse into a world that is full of colorful, drab and colorless all at the same time depending on the glasses you wear to look at it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life as we do not know it

There is so much we know and much much more we do not. I wonder today how much there is to the life I know nothing about and how long I ought to work or wonder to even appreciate that which I know. I can only hope I get to glimpse all I possibly can before it's too late.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A medicine for the soul

I used to sing a lot as a kid. Somehow as i grew up, i lost touch with one hobby which meant a lot then. Recently, i got an opportunity to sing in a group gathering and post that, I have been practicing the songs i liked as a kid. I found this in you tube and i am mesmerized by her voice. M.S was awesome. Her music lives on years after she is no more. I am planning to buy some of her DVDs.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Now you see me - see it

The star cast caught my attention and I really wanted to see the hulk and Morgan freeman together in a movie - boy was it worth it.

The plot is relatively straightforward - four talented magicians with decent individual acts are brought together by a mysterious benefactor. In their first show together in Las Vegas they teleport a French man in the audience to France and steal 3 million euros from his bank. They are arrested but nothing is proved and they are let go. Their next heist follows the very next day and the bank balance of an insurance mogul is reduced to nothing. The mogul reaches out to a man who has made a career of explaining  magic tricks and asks for his help in catching the gang before its too late. Whether the gang escapes from the cops hot on their trail and what their motivation is forms the rest of a very racy plot.

The cast, screenplay and the direction is brilliant. The actors have done an amazing job in enchanting the audience and the director is so good with building up towards an abracadabra finale. A very interesting must watch for those who like thrillers and mysteries. :)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A grateful prayer

There's a time to let go and a time to hold on..
There's a time to dream and a time to work..
There's a time to hope and a time to give up..
There's a time to welcome and another to hide..
There's a time to wish and a time to change...

Sometimes I miss the obvious
At the others I spot the almost impossible
The mazes numerous I've seen
Knowingly and unknowingly
The multitude of seconds
I've held eternity in my arms..

Thank you for all of this..
Thank you for the life that's mine
Thank you for the pieces which fit
Thank you for those that don't
Thank you for the will
Thank you for all that is
And for all that will never be.