Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When things get out of hand

When things get out of hand
As they usually tend to do
When days seem endless
And the nights mere short breaks,
When the moments can only be spent doing
And not a second wasted thinking,

I still pause to enjoy the breath of fresh air
For thanking life for life itself
Is the only way to remain sane.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flying without wings

I am flying without wings
For otherwise, it aint gonna be
it cant last for it aint
it cant be alive
except in the dreams
i hold so close

I am flying without wings
the sight around me pleases
and i continue to float around the void
I forget all that i ought to
and dream of that which i want to
Reality for a change cannot catch up

I cant wonder why, for i am stopping myself
before it is too late
But i know fully well, that the thought cannot be stopped
that the dream will come true, someday or the other
The years in the interim just numbers filling in papers
for the world to see

I am happy to imagine a day so much further in the future
So difficult to attain
So impossible to even day dream about
Still, I am content - for the flight is so pleasing
and the dreams keep my energy alive.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Duty is a very very funny word. First, it takes quiet sometime to acknowledge something as your duty and secondly, you are swamped with so many damn things that is your duty. Maybe, it depends on an individuals personality, but the more i thought about the word, the more i realised that duty is a simple function of three things:

1. Motivation:

Motivation to do the tasks post which we can say the duty was done. Motivation is to a large extent dictated by the acceptance of the duty in the first place. In a lot of cases, i have seen that the acceptance is something that seldom comes.

2. Skill :

Motivation is often followed by introspection on ability/skill. Here, two things happen. You either have it or you dont. Then, when you dont, you go ahead and moan and quit Or you try to learn and improve. Ability is but a function of motivation.

3. Time :

You have the motivation, you have the skill but not necessarily the time. Then, prioritization comes in.

The more i look at the three things, the happier I am that at least theoretically, duty is so simplified.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Shudh desi romance - fresh but adulterated

Another thing I did this long weekend was watch movies. The one Hindi movie I watched was this. One line review - watch it it's directed well and the cinematography is brilliant.

The plot is funny bordering on ridiculous at times and follows the life of three "youngsters" two of whom are not ready for commitments. Somehow I did not completely agree with their philosophy that commitments dont click. From personal experience my commitments been one of the best things that's happened to me. Also their lack of responsibility appalled me and since I was busy being miss.judgemental, I missed out a few good moments in this pretty funny romantic comedy.

The actings pretty good and we have a really talented lead pair here. Tara is unfortunately just good looking and can't act to save her life. The cinematography is brilliant and I wanted to go visit Rajasthan after watching the movie. All songs are hummable and the gulabi one is my favorite.

Do watch it for a lot of nice moments and do not over think it. :)

Sansom's Heartstone - doesn't strike a chord

I liked dissolution but could not find any other books of Sansom's. I was so happy to have found this and now a small part of me wishes it hadn't.

The plot follows the hunchback lawyer Mathew Shardlake as he investigates two cases - one of a ward whose resources are being misused and the other is concerning the past of a young woman who fancies him. Both plots are long drawn and the 600 odd pages are enough testimony to that. Shardlake is interesting but the other characters don't leave a great impression. I liked Hugh's characterisation a little but despite the many pages in huge book I felt it did justice to no character but Shardlakes.

More than anything, to me this book was an interesting read for it educated me a lot about English history. Be it around the court of wards, the futility of war or Henry the eighths rule, this book serves as a good history lesson. I was wiking a lot of names and incidents. My history professor grand dad would have been proud of me.

Unless you are ok killing an extremely long weekend, I would recommend against picking this book. It can draw you in, but you can't extricate yourself easily as the pages just keep sucking you in and I don't mean in a good way always.

A good way to end my 5 day vacation. I shall wait for my weekend to continue the reading and gardening. Weekdays are just too busy.

Growing your own food

A few months back on one of my trips to Kerala, my mom in law got me some small ornamental plants for the front lawn.

Planting those made the garden look lovely and I went to buy a few flowering plants ( more about my ornamental garden in another post) I saw some veggies there as well and wanted to buy it. After much contemplation and space planning, we bought a lemon and a banana. My maid saw them the next day and got me seeds from her village. Seeds of beans, brinjal, bhindi, palak etc.

First we had an amazing beans harvest (this despite the squirrels eating up a lot of the beans). Then it was the lemons. We still get them on and off. Now it's the palak. There is something very satisfying about growing your own food. We are eagerly awaiting the harvest from banana, tomato, brinjal, lady's finger, chilli and palak.

All has not been amazing and we have been worried by squirrels - I actually don't mind the eating it up as I don't get to see squirrels much and I started keeping dal out for them, then there was some pest and all my chillies died. I threw out some chilli in the backyard and that's started sprouting now. I am planning another set of plants to sow and I'm going to buy some pots to keep them in. Nature teaches lessons on patience, peace, growth and life from my garden. I am a lot at peace when I look at my plants and I am more patient than I used to be. Waiting for the veggies to come is a humbling experience and a very joyful one.

There's still construction on in the back and that's slowing down growth and I am spraying water to rid my dear plants of all the construction dust. If you had told me 6 months back that I would spend holidays hunting for organic pesticides and manure, I would have laughed at you and called you insane. That's what I do now on some weekends and seeing how things are going, I am sure there is going to be some more of that in the future as well. Give gardening a shot and see if you have it in you to change your world. :)