Thursday, January 30, 2014

Awake and aware

When I got a dog, everyone kept telling me that it would be a lot of work. Funnily it's the things nobody told me that I am finding amazing. Thankfully Laika is potty trained and since I love walking, walking her an hour a day is not a chore at all and a pleasure as I got company for my usual long walks.

Nobody told me about the sudden attention from people around you or the way you start noticing and for lack of a better word become more aware of the world around you. I see butterflies, moths and frogs as she tries to chase them and of course every damn piece of garbage some idiots thrown around. It makes you feel alive in a way and right now, I am so glad and thankful for it.

Knowing how things turn out, I won't be surprised if I stop noticing and go back to just walking around with a phone but I am really hoping it doesn't go back to that and I continue to be as aware or hopefully more so.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TV redefined

On Saturday, I was flipping through the television channels and found that i could watch HBO defined, a paid channel for free. I was not able to sleep so i stayed up and watched a movie and was so enthralled that i could enjoy it without irritating breaks. I dont like downloading movies off the internet so i am usually dependent on the television for entertainment when i watch movies and so the channel was a boon.

Next day, we watched hunger games instead of the movie outing we had planned. Today, i subscribed to that combo hbo package for a whooping 990 rs per annum ( i just hate spending money). My logic was that i could easily watch atleast 1 movie a week, 4 movies a month and 48 movies a year and break even. I was also happy to have gotten a 2 month discount. Far cry from the earlier Doordarshan days, this interesting concept should catch on and i hope i enjoy this as much as i enjoy my star world HD.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rise above

Why is it so difficult to rise above it all? Why is it so easy to give in to petty arguments and ego tussles despite knowing its petty? Why is it so difficult? Is that why they say success is difficult? It is close to impossible to rise above all the pettiness for in each of us i think there is a streak which is super petty and cannot do anything other wise. I keep trying to suppress it and manage quite successfully most of the time but then, sometimes i dont.

Unrelated to my previous post, from this instant i am going to try harder to rise above. I really have to. Else i am either going to go mad or get branded insane.


Sometimes it is unavoidable. This word is such an integral part of our life that we cannot ignore it. Over the last week, I have been trying very hard not to let go and trying to figure out reasons to hold on and ways to hold on to something I once considered very precious and unique.

Today, I accept that i need to bid adieu to that for any other decision would just cause unnecessary heart ache and headache. I know that hardly anyone is going to get the habit, but since i am chronicling my life indirectly here, i am just putting it out there for me to revisit and either rue the decision or congratulate myself on it on a later date. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sometimes, theoretically, there is murder on my mind. I just read about the techie found burnt to death and I was wishing i could do something about it. Then i was speaking to a moron for quite sometime and my blood pressure shot up. Though i could have been rude and stopped the conversation, for forms sake, i couldnt.

So socially and personally sometimes i am so helpless. How do i combat this?!

Monday, January 20, 2014


I am a believer in coincidences. I keep thinking that life reveals it plans to us in a pretty phased manner which shocks us as we don't see all the steps. The biggest surprise this year has been my darling laika.
I still remember the date I started seriously considering getting a dog. 14th December. I started reading up so much on breeds and training dogs etc. So much so that within a week it was like something I'd known for a lifetime.
We were undecided on the breed and on 21st we were enroute  to see a Labrador pup. A friend had given us the number of a shelter and since nobody was responding I'd forgotten about it. Half way through I tried one last time and a matter of fact voice told me that we could continue the conversation only if I was interested in Indian female pups. Then realization stuck me. I did not care about breed or gender.
So we set off the very next day to check out the shelter. After a crazy drive we arrived at the place to be greeted by some 20dogs and pups. I did not even want to go in. Somehow I overcame my fear and went in. There was one dog there who stopped jumping on me and quietly followed me around.
She was the same pup whose photo I had seen but who had grown since the pic. I liked her soulful eyes.
After some contemplation and misgivings we decided to bring her home on the 31st.
We spent the intermediate days buying her things and thinking of names. I wanted to call her Maya.
She bore the 2.5 hr car ride with strangers pretty well and never barked or snapped. She snuggled up to me and kept looking out.
We reached home to be greeted by friends who'd come to celebrate new years with us. She settled down with them like shed known them for ages.
One of them suggested the name laika and this mad dog has changed our world in the last few weeks. Its been a beautiful experience and there's more to come here.