Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Violent dogs

Laika ran around the community today. While most people were unperturbed one guy tried to chase her away. Then he told me she was violent and should always be leashed. I was angry and bugged. I don't know how to react. The blatant ignorance and hatred people have towards pets is mind boggling. I wonder if they can be educated or if like the caste system this is here to remain.

Monday, April 28, 2014

5 things i used to love that technology has killed

1. Last friday, a friend who was supposed to meet me, left his phone at home. He couldnt reach me as there was no PCO nearby! One thing technology has murdered. I remember going to a nearby petrol station to take calls from my grandmother until we got a phone at home. I used to call my father from the PCO in delhi station when i was heading back home. Now such things are unimaginable. Even when i leave the country, i pick up a Sim. Whatsapp, Skype with free wifi access in most spots have replaced the PCO.

2. When I was a kid, a photograph was a big deal. When my grand mother was young, it was a bigger deal. I have seen a lot of pictures of her in a beautiful saree standing in a photo studio. I doubt if my kids would even know what a photo studio was. People still go there for the passport size photographs but I am sure it would die over time as technology advances.

3. I remember going to Goa for a science conference in 2000. My father gave me a camera with a film roll. Wherever we travelled, most tourist places had a shop selling camera rolls. We could buy it and carefully put the used roll in the new box. Only cool people even had a camera then. Now only uncool people or serious hobbyists have a film roll. Photography which i once taught was an art has been maybe diluted or made easily accessible by instagrams and photo editors.

4. I still get newspapers in the morning. I refuse to let the ipad dictate what i read and personalize it for me. I still buy books from a shop and ask the book seller what other folks bought along with that book. I have a huge collection of books. I doubt how long it would be before i am taken kicking and screaming to consume digital content for everything.

5. I used to look forward to sundays in Pilani for the hot piping masala dosa and the leisurely lunch. I wonder how many students get mcdonalds and ready to eat food now. We seem to value that to fresh food. When i travelled abroad, i took ready to eat as i wasnt sure id get to cook and i promised myself ill never consume it in India for as long as i can cook. Technology has given me processed Sambhar powder, lemon rice mix and pulyogarai mix so much so i dont know how to make it myself though i make all these dishes frequently.

Is it good or bad? I dont know. Did the cave man hate the guy who figured out speech to communicate? Were they better off with signals? I know not.

Lighting up

Yesterday, my friend had dropped by and we were discussing smoking. I still unfortunately belong to the minority that thinks drinking and smoking are vices and not cool.

Why do we light up? Ive spoken to a lot of my friends who do and they tell me it helps them de-stress. Some of them do it because it gives them an opportunity to bond with folks they would otherwise not exchange a smile with. But seriously, I always wonder how educated, intelligent people, who know the ill-effects of smoking and who can definitely read the black lung image on the pack, go ahead and light up. Is the stress level so high? Or have we forgotten the art of conversation? I am not sure. I walk by the smoking gang everyday when i get into office and I refuse to even participate in passive smoking. I am not saying that I am on a moral high ground here.I have other vices like gluttony and i have no right to moral police these folks.Its just that my curiosity as to what drives this behaviour is insatiable and no answer satisfies me.

I know I will never try it to figure it out because its not just me, this would affect the probable kid I'd have and perhaps even a grand kid.

Why do women smoke? I dont understand and I hope their reasons are strong enough to counter the negatives this simple act of theirs gives rise to.

Think before you light up. Donate the money you spend on cigarettes to getting yourself something you want - not even to an NGO. Spend that time reconnecting with a parent or a friend. Chew a toffee or write a poem. Get over it.

The rubber stamps

I was looking at one of the many prompts i get and the word "rubber stamp" caught my eye.

It reminded me of a lot of things. The first image was that of the attestation i had to get after my 12th board exams from a certified gazetted officer. I remember carrying my marksheet, hoping my revaluation comes by and i make my total move upwards (never happened. :( ) Thankfully, my friends father could stamp and sign and I took an auto with my grand father to get the signature. He was so  nice and my grandpa was loving enough to come with me. Its been 2.5 years since he crossed the rainbow bridge but i still have fond memories of the man who made me feel like a queen every damn day of our life together.

The next memory is of my registering our house. Id asked my dad to come to bangalore so he could witness the momentous occasion. The monkey wrench was the bank had given a wrong cheque and we had to get a lot of money in 2 hours. Thanks to our savings and getting our salaries on time, we were able to manage but since the money was spread across multiple accounts, we were running from koramangala to m g road to cv raman nagar, back to koramangala and then to the registrar office in old madras road. Funnily, i wasnt that tensed and I was so proud when my name along with my husbands came up on the registration form.

From the rubber stamp which made me go to BITS to the rubber stamp that gave me elysium (thats the name of our house), life has gone a beautiful circle and I am glad things were the way they were and i did not get that extra 5 marks that would have sent me to a medical college.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The cursed generation

Sometimes I feel our generations been cursed. The globe trotting, high income, hifi lifestyle generation - yes I mean the same one. We are so busy building houses we don't enjoy buying gadgets we take for granted, watching movies we really don't care about, eating exotic cuisines frequently in places the previous generation just dreamed about, going for drives without pausing to notice the trees and flowers and in short just taking everything for granted. We forget what it is like to be grateful as we feel we are entitled to everything by virtue of being alive and young..

I have been eating out a lot more than usual this weekend and this realization sunk in as I was munching a gobi paratha. I'd have savoured it a lot more as a kid as I wouldn't have gotten it so easily. The Chinese manchurian I'd have had would have been a precious memory to savor. Have we forgotten the importance of gratitude? How do we learn that back again? How can we be truly happy if we are not grateful? And what is the use of life if greed and want are the only things dictating it? I am still thinking and I don't know what to say.

Friday, April 25, 2014


All of us are so caught up with our lives that even making minor adjustments as giving up the television for a few minutes gets on one's nerves. Is it because we are so busy the whole week that we determine we deserve the break we are trying to get? Or is it because we do not want to see beyond ourselves and all of us have such specific interests that when they dont coincide we dont want to make any changes? I dont know.. I just know that it is very difficult for me to make even minor sacrifices. The fact hit me today when i had to give up the tv remote (which had lain neglected the whole week) for a few minutes. It just really got me riled. This after my running practice when i was on a nice high was even more shocking.

We did come to a compromise but the anger i felt within shocked me and i wondered how I was reduced to this. Was i always like this? Since things always would have gone my way, i did not notice how incapable i was of adjusting willingly? i know not. I can only wonder.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to the basics

I love science fiction and fantasy. But reading it requires some thinking and a lot of suspension of reality. While I am ok with the latter, I've been reduced to reading mindless books once in a while as I really need to destress. Now with the two new additions and my exercise regimen, stress is taken care of and here I am back to reading sf. I've been lucky to read three interesting books in the recent past. Inter world and silver dream co-authored by Neil Gaiman ( others didn't matter to me when I picked these up) and flow my tears, the policeman said by Philip k dick.

The interworld series was a minor let down because despite the interesting plot the flow was not great. I loved the concept which spoke of a universe where magic and science are fighting for world domination and a bunch of walkers (interworld) are all that stands between them and the world. I couldn't help rooting for the interesting characters. The war between science and magic is so relatable. After all, reason and emotion can be taken as close parallels which always collide. ( not 100% match but it's close right?) The walkers who can transcend realms who come from similar backgrounds with similar names caught my fancy and I wish I can some day come up with something half as interesting as this. I will definitely read the third part for I need to know the rational ending to this.

I just finished Philip k dick and I am wondering how I missed him for so long. My agenda is to pick up and read all his books over the next month.

The plot follows a famous singer who wakes up forgotten by everybody in a seedy motel room. The story is set in a universe controlled by pols and nats who expect everyone to have an identity. Only rebels and students do not have them ( the students are also rebels ) and when caught they are sent to forced labor camps. Jason is stuck without papers and he tries to make his way around a place where everything is familiar and strange the same time. The characters are beautifully caught and I loved the read.

Am going to read roger zelazny's lord of light and then the famous dragonlance chronicles. I'm excited. :)


Today was one of those days when I had to work past midnight. These days are few and far between and most of the times I would have volunteered. However, i don't feel so tired despite taking a tablet for an infection, that's supposed to put me to sleep and the reason is that I exercised. I swam in the evening for a really short time and I walked and played with my dogs between my meetings.

I can feel the difference. On such days, earlier, I would have spent some time cribbing or ordering someone, i did not do either and the day turned out so much better.

I guess the attitude and my motivation to be fitter is helping me in more ways than one. Thank you god. Thank you for all that you've given me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My welcome party

Today I had to drop my mom at the bus stand and take a call. I was rueing my fate and thanks to some help, I managed to do both. The meeting did not go in the way I was hoping it would and needless to say, I was unhappy. We went for a walk and then came back home pretty late. I was already sad about my mom leaving and then with the call,I wasn't in the best of moods.
As soon as the car turned in our lane, I spotted two tails wagging. Laika and Zoya were eagerly waiting for me. Zoya was putting her paw on the grill and welcoming me. That little shy devils welcome made me feel so special and I temporarily forgot my headache. I leashed them and they happily followed me out. They weren't angry with me for forgetting their walk. They were happy with a quick stroll and understood my goodnight. It's official - I am crazy about my dogs! What an unbelievable transformation!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fwd: Discoveries

It's been a week of discoveries. Firstly there was this awesome bangalore walk on Sunday where mr.thiruvady gave us such a beautiful experience.  He walked us through lal bagh, easily one of the most picturesque spots in bangalore and gave us such interesting history lessons including how tea came to India, how the British went to a great extent to encourage horticulture and how a Dane contributed so much to botany. He made me observe more and wonder more. He rekindled my curiosity.  I am going to join him again for sure and to make it even better write about it in greater detail. Spend sometime with him. He's well read and can keep even a restless audience entertained.

Today, I went to hoskote and took one of the smaller roads we've never gone in and found a quaint aquarium there. The fishes looked lovely and we walked away with seven of them. I'm hoping I'm luckier in my second stint with fishes. They look lovely. Waiting for this week to give me more things to celebrate about.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The greatest vice

This long weekend I finally understood the greatest vice. I can at least name it with confidence after spending 4 days of vacation in town accomplishing a lot more than I've done before. It's easily laziness. Not greed or anger or lust or any other famous ones. It's plain laziness that makes us feel busy and feel there's not enough time.. It's laziness that stops us from spending time on things which matter.. I know there's just 24 hrs in a day but planning a day out can help us reduce the hours spent in chasing wild dreams and ambitions.

It's so easy to do nothing and so difficult to accomplish something. No wonder all of us prefer taking the easy way out. By not exercising as much as we ought to. By not paying attention to those that deserve it by not bothering about what we eat and of course the chores we ought to do. I have to work and get rid of this vice as much as I can for I am letting it rule me.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


People who live in cities often claim to be civilized.. They say that those in the villages are ignorant and unaware. Let me tell you it's not true. I live right next to a village where dogs and humans coexist. The dogs are all well taken care of and are pretty healthy and happy.

We live in one of those so called gated communities. Yesterday my friend had left her dogs off leash at 12 in the night. A time of day nobody expects sane parents to leave their kids unattended. Her dogs bounded towards laika who was leashed as there were strays around and madam loves to chase them. A mother grabbed her kid and started shouting at my friend. To add insult to injury she sent a dozen security guards to tell them to keep their dogs under control. Which was funny considering the dog was not playing any attention to the kid and there were three huge strays quarreling right outside their house. How civil is it to send so many strangers at midnight to a neighbors house? How civil is it to actually be scared of pets and ignore a pack of strays just because a human is talking to you? How decent is it to let your fear born of ignorance dictate your life and interactions?

I empathize with their fear of dogs. Its natural for someone unused to pets to react that way. Aren't we all scared of the unknown? But what saddens me is their lack of willingness to learn more and their ganging up on someone who is different. I don't like that. It scares me a lot.. I am not very accepting always.. I am the first to admit that but I also acknowledge that being closed minded is only going to make things worse .

I know that my time might also come when they'll gang up on me instead but I refuse to imprison my dog and stop her from running around. I'll continue to take her when there aren't too many people around because she doesn't deserve their hatred and they definitely don't deserve her attention or love.  I hate confrontations but if anything civilization dictates that its basic decency to face issues and speak them out rather than constantly harbor fear and hatred.

Friday, April 18, 2014


This evening was magical. All because Vijesh insisted on going to a concert. I got to hear Yanni perform live and it was an experience by itself.

He is a brilliant performer and though the cynical me knew that most of the dialogues were choreographed the music made me forgive the cynic. Such amazingly talented professionals making every moment perfect.. The violinists mary and samvel are my idols now followed by the charming rcb t shirt sporting drummer charlie. His energy levels were mind blowing and the singers have such a melodious voice. Its soothing and lively.
I loved the experience and yanni is very close to the top in my list of favorite musicians.

He made my day

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The path?

There are two lovely Labradors in the community I live in. They are Laika's friends and so i know them pretty well. I've never walked them but I have shared Laika's treats with them. She loves their owners and runs to them whenever they come and treat them like royalty. I was initially unsure around these beauties but over time got a lot more confident.

Today something strange happened. They escaped from their backyard when there was thunder and were running around. I was coincidentally on the phone with their owner asking if they could come for a walk with a recovered Laika when I saw two big dogs and wondered how two strays could be running around so fearlessly. Then realised it was these two. I don't know what got into me. I went out and called those two. They came to me. I asked them to sit and then led them home. They listened to me, ate dinner and slept when I asked them to. I was able to walk these two and that set me thinking. I was so unused to dogs a little more than three months ago and today I was able to manage four. Could I perhaps evaluate becoming a dog behavior counsellor or trainer?

It did not seem impossible. The more I thought about it the more I realised that I'd been thinking about my life in a very narrow way. All because I'd been lucky enough to work in nice places. What if I could be equally good doing something else with a lot less heartache and torture? What if it had just not struck me because I hadn't thought about it? Has getting a good job I love killed the urge to explore in me? I am seriously considering this now and as always Laika has helped me with a lesson about life.

The travel bug

I have a dream - of just going all around the world without having to stop and worry. I do travel but not as much as i want. Its partly driven by the fact that my house is awesome and I have a lot of interesting things to do all the time and its as empty as most resorts (touch wood). There is a long weekend looming right up. I was hoping to vote but my voters id has not turned up yet so i have no hopes of being able to.

The plan is to go to chickmagalur or drive around randomly and pick places to stay in. The sad part is that the world is not so accommodating to dogs so we might have to reserve in advance just to ensure they get a place to stay or we have to not take them. I cant believe that I am planning keeping a dog in mind. Such a change..

I feel that there are so many places to see and so little time in the world for that. Ive given up a lot of things unknowingly in my frenzied state of running behind my career goals. Even as i write this i wonder if it is worth it and at the same time am conflicted if by slowing down ill soon let go. I know not, but i know that at every phase in a persons life there comes a stage when i would have to reassess everything and discard all thats not making sense and pursue and develop things that do. I am now busy working on my holiday plans and yes, i am disenchanted. Hopefully its temporary.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zoya the warrior queen

It's been exactly one week since a tiny creature was squeaking outside my door and I can't believe its only been so long. She is petrified of human beings. Was rather. She loves dogs and plays with Laika all day. When I stood my all night watch for two days I realised she plays all night too. The puppy's made me open my eyes a lot more to the realities of life around me. Made me more empathetic.

She's a tracker and has already found her way home twice when she was scared by loud noises and ran away from somewhere in the community. I don't know if its just initial euphoria or if it will last but it's very cute and nice now. It's fun to watch her and Laika play and I am able to forget a lot of things and keep looking at that. For someone with five year, ten year and fifteen year plans, picking up a puppy without a plan is a big deal. Will I regret this impulsive decision? I hope not. For now, I can just watch her and Laika and hope things sort themselves out.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My favorite spot in bangalore

Today I decided to take my mom to my favorite spot in Bangalore. She did not know how my taste has evolved over time. Once it was indi joes, then svensens and now this. A place that brought calm and quiet in my life. Its usually empty on evenings and the traffic is bad.

I found it by accident after I moved into this house. Its the nicest spot in Bangalore for me. Its this lovely nursery called m m floritech from which I buy my plants. Its located in varthur and they've the healthiest and the loveliest plants. Its so calming to walk through their selection and pick up the plants I like. Its beautiful.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Laika was operated today and I have had a sleepless night and a listless day. Been hanging near her like a zombie. Tried to distract myself by playing but she seems to be occupying my thoughts a lot. Nobody warned me about this. I mean they did but they did not tell me it would be like this. I am not able to watch her and at the same time i cannot stop watching her. She needs and doesnt need me and I feel so useless.

She got up and tottered around after her surgery. She woke up in the evening and wagged her tail when she saw my neighbour come home (she adores him and would have jumped at him on another day). She ate up a little food and growled at the new arrival when she tried to eat her food. Small signs that are telling me she will recover fast but not seeing the usual her and knowing i was the cause for the pain is something I am not able to digest as  yet. The logical part of me knows that the process was essential for her long term safety but I am not always very rational.

The one possible consolation is perhaps the sight of her in an over sized tshirt. She looked like a character out of Hogwarts. I would never demean her by putting her in a tshirt unless absolutely necessary so I guess I should enjoy this look while I can. That is just the part of me wanting to find something nice in this day while i just go crazy watching her lap up milk with so much effort.

I left the door open and she did not run. Now I would give anything to see her run again. Run like somebody is after her life and give Usain Bolt a run for his money. Laika, please dont drive me crazy. Get well soon. My dear fighter..

The moral dilemma

I'm spaying Laika tomorrow. There - I said it. I've been undecided after being utterly positive about it as I don't want her to suffer. But after reading about all the pros and after thinking about the difficulty in running after her when she's in heat we decided to go for it. I don't think I've the heart to watch her go under the knife but I've been reading up about procedure online to make sure I know what they're going to do.

I don't know if I'm doing it as it's an inconvenience to me in the long run of because it's good for her. It makes me wonder if I'm being sensible in the first place or if my selfishness is over ruling everything else. Wish me luck dear god so I'm able to move forward.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making time

Time, is such a funny concept. When i was reading Mitch Albom's Time Keeper, I realized how much it is a man made one. And over "time", i felt that unless i compartmentalized my life and "made" time, I would never be able to do all that I wanted to. The world is so interesting, there are so many things to do and never enough time for everything. I love my job, i love my house, i love the books i read, i love the places i go to, I love the walks in the garden with my dog, I love the company i keep and i hate the fact that there are but 24 hours in  a day.

No matter what I do or say, a lot of things are left undone as I dont have enough time or because i am not organized enough. I have to let go and move on for as long as I can and then start the whole process all over again. "Making time" is so god damn difficult.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mental blocks

Lately, I've been noticing how deep rooted some of our prejudices are. Of course it started with ladies running away looking at my dog. If you run, the one thing you should never do - right in front of a dog when you see a chained one, how will your reaction save you from a potentially dangerous one? It got me thinking.. Am I reacting to situations in a way that would make it worse? Am I letting fear dictate everything instead of common sense? Is my mental block so bad that logic takes a back seat?

Sadly the answer was yes. My reaction to some situations was just making life worse.. I am angry with small minded people and I forget someday they'll be exposed. The lazy ones will be caught and the most difficult of situations will pass. I am consciously working on controlling my reactions and taking a deep breath before hitting that send button, thinking it through before I express my opinion and slowing down before starting to run from or towards some issues. Good luck to me.

Monday, April 07, 2014

The midnight visitor

Yesterday was one of those days I wanted to hit the sack early and make peace with the fact that Mondays come and keep coming. I was not able to fulfil my noble goal as Arrow was playing on TV and after the awesome captain America movie, I wanted to watch a super hero series and imagine that I was doing all the black widow moves. At an interesting juncture I heard a howl and rushed to the balcony wondering what had happened to Laika. It sounded like she was in pain. There was nobody outside and she was just looking out quietly. I wondered what had happened and left the door opened and continued with watching the crazy series.

I heard it again, this time louder and I looked out to see a small shape scurry away. My neighbour who lives in the row behind me has a pug and I was wondering if he had escaped. I ran down to get a better look and watched the shape sit - in front of the two other houses in my row with dogs and howl piteously. I was sure scooby wouldn't be so lost and when the light fell I saw a very tiny pup running and crying.

I wanted to pick her up but thought her mom must be around and waited in front of the tv. The howl came from outside my door and the pup was pawing at Laika through the gate. I called my friends who own a couple of labs and who are way better with the tiny pups than me but they were not reachable. My dear husband was woken up and tasked with picking up the pup. It was a she who looked extraordinarily like Laika and madam was not sure how to react. She kept growling when any of us had the pup. Finally we decided to let the small one down and she refused to leave move around much.

Madam was possessive of her water bowl so I picked an old cup and converted it into a bowl for the new comer. She drank the water and refused to eat wet bread or leave Laika. She ran away when the gate opened and a disappointed me went back in. Only to be greeted by howls 5 mins later. The pup wanted the older pup but not the humans. We picked her up and left her with Laika. I know it wasn't the best of ideas but a) Laika is a gentle loving soul and b)I woke up every two hours to check and they got along famously when we weren't around.

We got her dewormed today. I am not sure if well keep Zoya with us or give her away but for now she is going to be brought up well and vaccinated and loved until we find her a better place. She reminded me that magic does exist and even on the bleakest days something unexpected and beautiful happens. Why did I have to be awake? Why did I hear her? Why did she come here when she came? How did she manage to get into a gated community when she's hardly 40 days old ? How did Laika tolerate her? I don't know. I believe that HE sent her to me for a purpose and I am going to wait for him to show me the way..

The cross over year

Chick lit is my least favorite genre after romance. However I really wanted to read something light and this was the book of choice. The writing is not bad and the book starts pretty well. It sounds and feels real. Also I could easily relate to the frustrations of the main character.
However the way she reacted to it made me dislike the book. Plus after the first few pages it was full of stereotypes. I don't understand most writers interest in tam Brahms. Talking about chain smoking chicken eating tambrahms gets boring after a bit.add to that working women who can't cook like its such a big deal to put a meal together.. I do it every day and I work and it's not that big a deal. Please..

The heroine is perhaps the most immature confused person I have met in a long time. She leaves her job on an impulse, joins a gym she never goes to, doesn't have any culinary skills and tries to become a make up lady in a mall. Funnily she pays more attention to her MBA friends than to her own husband. Who can be a better confidant than a spouse?

I would give the book three stars as the writing was good. Her language is pleasing and there is no expected extra marital affair in the book. The ending is another dampener but it's a pretty ok read.

Sunday, April 06, 2014


I have never been someone to set much by appearances. I'd never know if someone styled their hair different or wore a new perfume or wore more make up. My brains been programmed to ignore these things. I don't use any beauty products either as even a moisturizer makes me sweat and this boil in my eye scares me away from kajal.

Lately though I've come to realize that good health and skin comes at a price and with a lot of things visibly going wrong with me, I'm looking at using natural remedies. Hibiscus, roses from my garden and sandal are working their magic on me and I'm so glad I'm taking time out for myself. I doubt I'll ever Starr using creams but I can clearly see the day I'll grow more herbs for myself.

Friday, April 04, 2014

When idols become human

Sometimes in life we wake up to harsh realities. We are woken up rather by seemingly minor things and despite wanting to there is no going back.

What do we do when our idols are shown to be merely human? Do we just move on like nothing happened ? Do we seek and find others we can look up to? Or do we actually make peace with it and look inward and become the idol we seek?

I have done all three at different points in time and today yet again I watch an idol lose face. I think this time around I'll just move on like nothing happened. Nothing else seems to help me make sense of life or make peace with it.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

The influencers

Over time I have come to accept that everyone is influenced by something or the other. More often that not, all things negative seem to work much faster than anything positive.This being one of those weeks when i want to give up everything and run away, I look at the influences in my life. No matter what and how crazy I become, my dear husband influences me to calm down. Its like nothing is insurmountable and I know that if I decide to quit everything and reinvent myself, he is going to be around. My mother tries to be the voice of reason and she refuses to change her stand no matter how much i plead/threaten.

I am trying to let their influence win over the frustration and the toxicity that seems to be dictating my life. I dont know how successful I am going to be but i atleast have to try.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Waking the dead

Yesterday, while flipping channels i came across S09E24 of HIMYM. I havent watched that series in ages. It was a part of my life in those days when i was much less cynical and a lot more open to funny stuff. I still knew what was happening for I had been following a few random posts about the series, which was afterall a friend i could afford to keep tabs on. Imagine my surprise when I came across this episode last night. For those that witnessed it, you have my sympathies and yes, i hear you. It could have been way better. For those that missed it, let me explain how it was.

You know there is this wound in your body. Something you have ignored for a long time and then one fine night you revisit it and start poking it. It is already healing but you cannot let it be. You keep poking it until it starts bleeding. Then you wonder why you even went near it in the first place when you could have very well existed ignoring it and now you cant even let go because its left such a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Sigh. What is wrong with the world. Why do we encourage script writers to come up with such tamil movie endings?!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


I am usually a little scared of resolutions as i have to keep them up and though i dont mind slogging my backside off, public commitments scare me. Last month, i managed to blog once a day despite travelling, working 14 hours a day sometimes and of course despite being sick.

I am happy that I was able to do that and I have a new vigour to continue doing that or atleast be happy that i did it for a month. :)