Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fruity affair

Our last weeks efforts has paid off. I'm seeing small oranges in the plant. I hope they grow. The mosambi has small fruits too. Waiting for them to grow and to eat my own fruits.

Heaven on earth

We bought four paintings today and some more smaller things to beautify the terrace. It looks so gorgeous. In my new sick of the television and indoors avatar, I want to sit and read in the terrace.
Were sitting here, watching birds and reading under the blue sky. I think I'm in heaven.


So, I was just watching this cricket match. Their rules - each team should have at least two women and both women have to play for one over(both bat and bowl). Their runs are doubled and if they're out the team loses two runs. Also, no balls and wides aren't counted for women. I find this discriminating. All of us can't play. I can't bowl to save my life.

But treating this lack of skill as an excuse to have easier rules, isn't it discrimination? Maybe it encourages women to participate but why should they in things they don't do well in? Shouldn't we focus on strengths and spend longer working on weaknesses if we deem it important and essential? Isn't cheering for a team as important as participating? Doesn't that bring out true sportsmanship?

P.S: This is not an insult to any organization. These are my views and mine alone and I just don't like it.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Running for life

My dogs love to run. I've been trying to jog when they do. But i end up walking after a few minutes. Mostly because I get bored. I can talk on the phone if I walk. Not if I jog. This mindless habit of doing multiple things together is going to be my undoing some day. I need to disconnect.

Today, I saw this really old uncle running fast in indira nagar. I was really inspired. At his age, he was so fit. Being so kicked about it I ran today with the dogs and in some ways it was liberating. I'm thinking I'll add running to my list of exercises. Thank you uncle wherever you are. You're an inspiration.

OK Laika and Zoya,don't take offence. You guys are too. :) You guys do run as if your life depends on it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am sleepy

I think I have reached a potential milestone in my life. A turning point if I may so loosely use the word. Maybe, it wont be a turning point, but it would be like one of those roads where you think there is a sharp turn, but there is actually no turn and just a slight deviation from the usual. Maybe it would be one of those sharp turns that changes the direction of your travel completely. But whatever this is, I find it strange. it is hardly 1030 and I am sleepy. The same person who could not sleep till 1 or 2. Would not rather. The same night owl who adored the silences and sounds of the night now wants to curl up and sleep at 1030. Maybe, my life is going to change. I am just watching it for now. Letting it be. For as long as I can.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Heights and highs

I love mountains. I fall ill sometimes when we try to go in hilly terrains but I cannot get rid of my fascination with mountains. I wanted to go to Nandi Hills today morning, but we dropped the plan and instead spent our morning in a beautiful cafe in Whitefield. To console myself, I looked at a few pictures I had taken of Nandi Hills when we went there the last time. I wanted to post my favorite one of sun bursting in through the cloud cover.

This is one of those pictures which reminds me how insignificant we are in the scheme of things. I mean, i cant even see a house clearly from there. Let alone isolate mine or see a human being. All the highs we get in life are so inconsequential compared to this height. :)

A busy day is a happy day

For the last one week I somehow end up waking up by 730. My habit of sleeping in seems to have taken a sabbatical for now. Like i trumpeted earlier, yesterday we got few plants. Today after a yummy breakfast in a beautiful bistro we got paint and painted some of the pots we have. It was very calming.

We've moved two of the plastic pots to the terrace and planted orange and sweet lime in them. With the growing rank of plants in the terrace,I've now promised them some time.

I guess if I start sleeping and sitting less, I'll somehow make time for all that I ever want to do. I'm finding energy reserves I never thought I had and I'm praying everyday that they hold up. Thank you god for everything. Like my friend William brown says, "A busy day is a happy day!!"

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Well, they seem to like our new look. Guess that's all that matters.

Soil in hand

I spent all my morning moving pots up two floors with my husband and creating a very peaceful ambience in my balcony. Wed got these over few months assuming well spend hours in our terrace. Until recently we hadn't done that. Inspired by getting two benches made for sitting yesterday we moved the pots. The place looks heavenly now.

Then I spent majority of the morning mixing mud, coir pith and dry cowdung together to create a soil for my vegetables. We planted loads today. Carrots , tomatoes, coriander, greens and methi. I'm really looking forward to the harvest. We had a nice veggie garden in the backyard but my extraordinary neighbour accidentally destroyed it. To top it they throw a fuss if a creeper even touches the common fence. So we stopped planting some stuff I always thought I should. In my new taking charge avatar, I decided to use the front yard and my dogs to protect the plants. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We also got some fruit plants today. Orange, pomegranate and mosambi. I'm not sure how I'll take care of them but I really want to give container gardening a shot.

Friday, January 23, 2015


We all face it so often in our lives. Things seem like they're gonna work and then it just keeps seeming that way. Its like your dream and you are very close but have to inch at the pace of the slowest creature on earth to make it to each other.
You might be taking steps forward but you don't reach. I knew today that something that might have happened did not. A part of me was relieved another maybe a Lil sad. Then there are these other things which keep acting like it might happen and I don't know when and how soon. I am just plain impatient. I want to enjoy this uncertainty because I know that things are never as enticing as they are when they are far. But I can't control my urge to see it up close and experience things with their cracks, their imperfections etc. Life is just funny and I am just ranting

Is that biscuit for me?

Zoya trying to tell me she is right in front.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Changing routines

I have been keeping up my promise of exercising in one form or the other everyday this year. I am so happy and proud of myself. There is a lot of scope for improvement as a on a few days, like yesterday, I say that walking is also exercise. I want to make walking as something I do apart from my exercises. Please be with me dear God and help me improve.

There is another thing I have been incapable of doing. Waking up early. I have improved there and I am up by 8 on most days thanks to Laika. But I want to be up and done with cooking etc by 830. I am going to try that next.I guess that is going to be much tougher than exercising. I just love my bed a lot. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It happens for a reason - Preeti Shenoy

I like Preeti Shenoy. The image in her blogs anyway, as I do not know her personally. I love her sweet articles and her common sense. I liked this book as well. Around 3/4ths of it.

She speaks about a woman who decides to have an out of wedlock baby at 19 and cares for him by having a dog boarding and being a personal trainer. She is a fiery woman, who though born with a silver spoon and loads of good looks has a kid at 19. She refuses parental help and brings her kid up by herself. Only thing she accepts from  her parents is an old bungalow to live in and run her dog boarding from. Vee is likable and identifiable in a lot of ways. Her son Aryan is also adorable and his love for dogs just stole my heart.

Now, there are a lot of loop holes in the plot. The girl is not impoverished, she is a model and she is also intelligent. She is stupid enough to have an affair with an idiot. Story of a lot of lives. Women falling for useless men. Nothing that we havent heard of earlier.  Her story will not bring you to tears, but it is definitely interesting to read. It is truly well written and though some plot points are cliches - absent mother, workaholic dad, model who has an affair with a rich boy, friends for life who meet in a boarding school, an unrequited lover in the sidelines, etc. the book was still absorbing enough.

Having two dogs of my own, I could completely identify with a lot of aspects of dog boarding she speaks about. The author does try to pack in a lot in one book. She makes a spoilt rich brat get our sympathy by her one deed of having an out of wedlock baby and being committed to him. Everything was ok.

Until the ridiculous twist of the stupid rich boy friend coming back. Until the heroines heart starts beating faster on seeing him. It was never that deep a connection in the first place and now when he comes riding back as a multi millionaire, she wants to crawl back to him? It was so out of character and oh so irritating that I dont think the book deserves more than a two out of five. Of course another plot twist is thrown in to make her affection seem deeper, but no, no way can I accept that. No way will I ever allow a male who treats me like that back into my life. Maybe I shouldnt measure her with my yard stick, but this is my review and my blog and I will do as I please. :)

I still do not get the title. Maybe, its supposed to talk about what happens to Aryan and how it helps this couple's relationship, but no, I am not going to go back on my review.

I am angry because after showing an independent woman, she is shown as weak. Shown as having an incomplete life without her man. Women have to accept that being by themselves is not such a bad thing after all and that even without knights in shining armors and even with hands full of dog hair, life is still wonderful and happy as long as we live it in our own terms.

Loss of a friend

I live in a row house. There was a peepal plant growing right outside it. I had fallen in love with it and since i know how deep the roots can go, I had decided to transplant it into a pot and make it into a bonsai. I had trouble getting help to remove the tree and finally, I managed to find someone to do it today. They came and we realised that the roots had gone through concrete and that it cannot be saved. We had to cut the tree. I am just too depressed thinking about it. She was a friend I fell in love with and wanted by my side. I had not even photographed her and I feel so bad about it. I am going to miss her greeting every day as I came home and I am going to miss the rustle of her leaves. I hope she comes back in some form. Goodbye my friend. I am so sorry to have killed you through my laziness. :(

Monday, January 19, 2015

Is there only one good news?

I have been married for almost four years and the one thing that sets my warning bells ringing is this question - "Any good news?" Now, those unfamiliar with indian culture would wonder why this question sounds off. Well, it is asked only about a woman's pregnancy.

My choices are not anyone's business, but somehow people inadvertently ask me this question. Be it my relatives (not the ones who  matter. I hope they understand my choices) or the random aunty in my community or that uncle i meet at random intervals or even some women I speak with frequently.

I used to want to bash peoples head in when they ask me this question. If i talk about work or travel to change the topic and tell about that good news, they act dismissive. In fact once when i had called to tell someone about a promotion, they asked me when the real promotion was going to be. As though all the hours and the work on my job did not matter. I mean, are they trying to tell me that the only thing a woman is good for is to have kids?

Let me be clear, I now have nothing against kids. I know I will have one or more someday. But that day, has to be our choice as a couple and it should not be questioned by people who pretend to be concerned. It should not be the only way to gauge the happiness in my life. The happiness and joy a child brings is of course amazing and wonderful and I have seen my friends transform and become more responsible after having kids. I am not belittling that in any way. I am just saying that I think there are other things in life and as an individual, I can prioritize what I want when. I spend time with some kids and I actually have fun.

I have come to accept the conclusion that majority of the people are bored and have a lot of time in their hands that they use to think about others. They mask their boredom as concern. Also, they want acceptance so much that they want to push their choices on others without seeming very intrusive.Again, under the mask of concern and experience and awareness of the world in general.

If i had a 100rs for every time someone told me that without a kid a woman's life is not complete, i would have a lot of expensive things and perhaps have even done a world tour. I am so sick of the whole damn thing. It started a couple of months after we got married and has continued till today. We wanted to get married to make financial decisions together, travel, read, write and be happy together. We did not get married just to have kids.

After emotional dialogues of incomplete lives, the aunties have come with a new strategy for what they term logical people. People like me. The recent strategy is to remind me of how old I am and how I am going to have a zillion complications and not have a kid later because i am delaying it now. (30 is atleast a couple of years away for me)

Even a lady giving flowers to my grandmother tells me, " I dont want your house or car or anything. I just want your kid. " As though I am going to let her into my house. This is the kind of interference I really hate. From someone so completely random and unrelated to me in anyway.

I dont understand why people refuse to evolve and still ask such intrusive personal questions. Worst scenario is when you are asked in a public forum and there are numerous questions that follow about financial stability, and some even have the cheek to recommend doctors who can get rid of infertility. So deciding to have a kid late can be for no other reason than incapability to reproduce? I have never written about this topic as it opens a can of worms and parents argue with me saying that I don't know the value of children and other child free people make it like a crusade.

That is just the issue here - this is not something which is popular opinion. It is a personal choice and a very private one. The time, place and the feeling has to be right as far as I am concerned and it is not something that should be done because it has to be done.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The monolith giant

We saw this Nandi quite a long time ago in Lepakshi when we went to visit the temple. I came across this picture as i was creating our scrap book. It is just so beautiful! I am going to create a post with all the monoliths especially the Nandis that i have seen. I think this is larger than the Tanjore one. Definitely lesser known and definitely ornate and beautiful.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Being the Change

My favorite dialogue at one point last year was - Be the change you want to see. There weren't too many such instances which came up but I can say that wherever I could, I did try to be the change that I really wanted to see. Two things happened today where I ended up stepping up. Both are commitments I made that I hope to honor through this year.

First thing of course has to do with the dogs. I caught up with a few other folks who have dogs. We are thinking of designing a mechanism to get treat dog poop. I am wondering whether we will go ahead and implement it but I really want to give it a shot.

Second has to do with human beings and was a fall out of talking to someone who also has a dog ( I had to bring a dog connection somewhere). I have signed up to be part of an emergency response team. The idea is to step in whenever someone is needed in the community I live in. Be it to cart someone to a hospital or to talk over a safety issue or anything. I am going to try.

I really do want to see changes and if it means i have to roll my sleeves up, well, I will.

Everyday dreams

Its funny when you can watch your dreams become nightmares. It is not scary because the change is gradual. It is so slow that you dont notice until it is too late. Then you do and then you realise there is no going back. You are stuck with the scenario you are in whether you like it or not. You have infact been instrumental in bringing it upon yourself. I am now wondering how one should react. Give up and move on? Accept and move on? Fight and Change? I guess it depends on how important what you are watching change is. But then, if something was really that important wouldnt you have noticed the change in time? Or maybe, you took it so much for granted that you dont want to lose it later. Hmm..

Neither the questions nor the answers seem simple

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kill/Dil -2.5 hrs I lost forever.

I really like Parineeti Chopra. She's cute, she's peppy and just adorable at times. I wanted to watch this movie just of hers that I'd somehow missed. In my defence that's the only reason I set out to watch this absolutely ridiculous fare. I wonder what was going on in Ranveer Singhs head or even in Ali Zafar or Parineetis let alone Govindas minds when they decided to take this absolute bull shit on.

The movie is like a few random scenes from weird western films stitched together in places and I guess whoever was doing the stitches was watching some Bollywood movies and hence threw some Hindi movie sentiment also in.

There is nothing nice about the movie. Even the songs are half hearted attempts at music. The screenplay is lacklustre at best and the acting forgettable. The dialogues are just too cliche and I started wondering if I had walked into an alternate world where all rejected Hindi movie dialogues were sent.

I wish I hadn't fallen for Parineeti and wasted a show case movie on something as ridiculous as this. I will forget about it. I shall overcome. I will lock the memory up in a box and hide the key inside a bundle of old clothes that I'll lock inside another box, send it in a plane to an unknown destination with a forgotten number lock. Let it wait in unclaimed baggage forever and ever.

Faasos - amazing customer service

I never eat rolls as a rule. Except in this nice place in office where I can watch what they put in.  We'd seem Faasos posters in our area and thought we'd check it out.

To start with, Faasos had us floored with a brilliant website. You can even order via twitter, or call them up or order online. I loved their options. The website is elegant and simply designed.

The order came in a matter of 15 minutes. The service was not just quick but also very courteous. The rolls were pretty tasty but since they weren't my main meal, I will have to take a rain check on talking about quality. It did seem pretty good. I'd recommend folks to check out the experience. Seems worth it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Today, a neighbour of mine passed away. He was very young and I really was shocked to hear the news. He had trouble breathing and then just like that stopped breathing. Life seems so easy usually and things like this just scare me shitless. I feel so sorry for his wife and dog. Life is so transient. Anything can go wrong in a matter of seconds and nothing can prepare us for whatever curved balls that get thrown our way. We can just pray. Right now my prayers are with his family. I just hope they can recover and move on and that his soul rests in peace.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Natures bounty

I have to admit that I did not expect to be so lucky. I havent invested as much time as I'd like to on it. Today,I had to get rid of some pests and I promised myself I'll spend sometime in the garden every day.
Thank you for this proof of life everyday.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Maybe a resolution

Today, we cycled from our house into the villages nearby and came home. It was a pretty good ride of close to 6 kms. I loved it and I thought i would be exhausted when I came back Funnily I was not. Having some kind of work out apart from walking seems to have helped me.

I have been cycling often but I am not fit as I used to be. I want to get back to being fitter but though I have managed to maintain my weight over the last one year, I have not become any fitter. I am not worried about looking fat, but I am seriously concerned about what being out of shape and unfit can do to me in the long run. I am hearing a lot of stories of people falling sick with terrible diseases and lifestyle diseases early in life and I am wondering if the side effect of convenience is a reduced life span.

I really do not want it to be that way and I have resolved to perform some physical activity every day and increase the duration and intensity. I did manage to do something every day last year (thanks to my angels of course) but it was the same walk and same distance every day. I also feel much calmer and happier after working out so I guess physically and mentally this is a good thing. I am happy I have maintained my weight, but I feel i should start feeling fitter and being fitter. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Udupi - where the Lord turned around

As part of our awesome vacation, we visited the Krishna Temple in Udupi.

The view from where I was standing in the queue
I have always been a fan of the Lord here as there is a very interesting legend around him. It is said that the poet Kanakadasa was a great devotee of the Lord. He used to worship him from outside the temple as he was not allowed inside. One day, he could not see his God as the door was closed when he came in. He was very dejected and was sitting forlorn near the temple. The wall of the temple cracked open and the idol of the Lord turned around so that his devotee could look at him in peace.
I loved the fact that this story highlights how even God makes adjustments for a man who is not even allowed inside the temple. I loved Udupi Sri Krishna for his acceptance and love.

The second awesome thing that I discovered after going to Udupi is that every Friday, Krishna is dressed as a Devi. It is called "Devi Alankara". I was lucky enough to see him dressed as a Devi. It was such a sight to behold. There was a queue to enter the temple, but once I was inside, I could see the Lord through the navadwara and the back window and just sit and meditate for sometime. A very wonderful lady in the temple told me about Devi Alankara. She also said that all the crowd in the temple was driven by the holidays and that on most days, it was empty and serene. Also, Krishna is dressed as one Lakshmi each day of Navrathri and it is a sight to behold. A god who believes in equality by caste and gender - Hail thee!

The picture I got home - Lord Krishna in Devi Alangaram

I am determined to visit a lot of temples and enjoy the architecture, the atmosphere and the stories around them. There is a lot more to religion that what most of us think.

Running out of ink

So, we got a new printer and I have been aching to create a scrap book. Yesterday, I spent a very long time in a shop getting all the raw materials. I got handmade paper, a scrap book which had pages in colors i liked, a scissor especially for this and even thought of the pictures I wanted printed.

I downloaded a new app and create a nice grid which I can print with pictures from our trip to Mahabalipuram. I come home and I rush upstairs to switch on the printer.I hit print and then, the printer gives me an error - "the ink cartridge has to be replaced" I dont know what it is supposed to mean as i have only printed some 6-7 pages in the printer. I am upset and I keep trying to make it work. Doggies are having fun when I am busy and my better half is not able to concentrate on his call and he calls out to me to take them away. I lose my temper but since I don't want to shout at them, I make them come upstairs and stay. Laika in her infinite wisdom becomes quiet immediately. That dog can read my mood amazingly well.

I was just so mad that I could not calm down for a few minutes. Despite trying that deep breathing technique. I finally accept that I need a clear head to solve the problem and I sit in front of the television to distract myself and think as some mindless noise fills the silence in the house.

I wonder - What is the issue here - my interest in creating something or my anger that things did not go exactly the way i planned? How is it ok to feel so wild over ink not being there? Isn't it too minor an issue? I was thinking about it and I realized that almost all my problems are like this - "running out of ink". I am not able to acknowledge that I finally got so much done. Things I haven't done in a long time. Why cant I be happy about how I was able to spend without thinking and get all the things that mattered in a single shop including photo paper?

Why cant I accept that i have to check for ink, I have to check for petrol and I have to check for energy before taking on interesting projects?

Life is all about being able to remain calm when we run out of ink. I like to think that I am all mentally prepared for the larger challenges. I need to accept that a lot of small ones can also spoil my happiness and focus on getting around them instead of mulling over them for too long.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Watch the dogs

A tired Zoya
Contemplative Laika
So,I'm facing harassment of a different sort. Harassment in a way as I have two dogs. The joys which come with owning the two far outweigh anything but I feel like I've to get this out of my system. These are my harassers
1. People walking a mile away as they're scared and asking if the leashes can't be shorter.
2. People asking me how someone like me is OK with the hair and the smell. They don't even realize that these dogs don't shed and they don't smell unless they poop or something.
3. People generalizing in supposedly friendly emails that all dog poop lying around is coming out from these two just because they're walked without fail. I always pick up after them if its not in mud near a dump. I don't find it demeaning. Its essential.
4. Jokers sending out emails to the community group that dogs should be asked to pee in the same area. I want to seriously lock them up in a room and educate them after screaming at them. Dogs need to mark their territory. How can you not get that?
Now that the angers out, here are a couple of pics.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Blue shoes and happiness- Alexander McCall Smith

I've loved the first book in the number one ladies detective agency series. I hadn't read one in a long time and I picked this one up in a second hand book shop. I am so glad I made the purchase. The author brings Botswana alive in front of you. A country where people are proud of their identity, their roots and their lives. I love traditionally built Precious Ramotswe and her detective agency.

The plot of this book follows several minor incidents. A blackmail, a nurse's suspicion and a terrible atmosphere in a game reserve among other things. But what makes the book so immensely enjoyable is not the mystery but rather the characters. Mma Ramotswe with her acceptance, her assistant with her judgement, the two apprentices and their carelessness and bragging and of course Mr.J.L.B. Matekoni, the detectives husband and the famed mechanic with his sense of righteousness and love for machines. He speaks about a car as one would of a human being. Husband and wife, value life and are very careful with everything. Each character has a quirk, a weakness and this book is about happiness and how the smallest of things, even if they are impractical, give us a lot of joy. The book also has very philosophical sound bites around how all that's needed to solve a problem is not constant thought about the problem, but a cup of tea so we can set everything aside and enjoy a few moments before tackling the issue at hand. True that..

I really loved the experience and I am going to reread the book some day. The plot is secondary, but the words and their wisdom, so beautiful. I really want to see Precious Ramotswe's Botswana.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Looking forward

Were looking forward to the new year. That's what my darlings are trying to say.

Before I say goodbye - Mary Higgins Clark

I call books by her as popcorn fiction. Something pleasant, easy to read and a good filler between meals. I haven't read one in sometime and when I found worn paperback in a second hand bookshop I grabbed it. I can't resist her books in those shelves. They want me to take them home.

The plot sounded pretty interesting. It's about a woman who's dead husband is trying to communicate with her. She's also a political candidate who's filling in for her grand father in the same constituency he's run from. The grand father who had brought her up after her parents death. Now, the books has a lot of scope for drama. Personal,romantic, political and of course there's a mystery thrown in too. There multiple view points in the book. There are too many characters and some like jed are just wasted. Even Dan, a potential love interest hardly gets screen space. The book is all about Nell and her coming to terms with the sudden death of her husband. But try as you might, you don't identify with her. Even her political ambitions aren't elaborated upon. For a book with so many story lines and a decent word count , there is something missing.

A 2.5 stars. This book is like the popcorn at the bottom of a big bowl. Some pieces are nice and tasty and how you want them to be and some are just uncooked and hard.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

The white dress

I was watching katrina kaif in a song in Bang Bang. She was wearing a very beautiful white dress with a red design on it. The dress took me back to May of 2009. I was living with a roommate then. A very sweet one but somehow our wave lengths never matched. Someone I considered my closest friend then moved in to stay with me for a few weeks. We both were dealing with our own personal demons then and I did not realise it at that point in time. Still, we had fun together.

One afternoon we headed to shoppers stop and I saw a lovely white gown. I did not own a gown then ( or a dress as few folks call it ) and I really wanted to buy it. It was priced at Rs.1000. I did not want to spend so much on a dress. I hated wasting money then and I thought this was something I shouldn't indulge in. Then, my friend told me she'd pay for part of it and I could consider it my birthday gift. I really loved the gesture.

I still don't have the heart to throw the dress away. I doubt if I ever will. I've managed to buy clothes worth thousands without batting an eyelid now. I am trying to stop it and every time I want to buy something I think about my white dress. The one without the frills and the one in which I felt like a princess. The one I wore on our first official date.

I am no longer in touch with that friend. It's weird but a lot can happen in five years. Since I've married my best friend, I have never had cause to miss a friend but if there is someone I wish I could figure out a way to have a real relationship with, it would be the lady who got me the white dress. A tribute- to the dress, to the careful me and to the understanding girl.

A prayer

Dear Lord,
As i look out at the dreamy dark sky,
I see the tiny rays of the sun peak out
Thank you for the clouds and for the sun

When you send me clouds,
Give me the courage to look for the rays
When you help me accomplish
Give me the humility to thank you
Watch over me as you always do
Forgive me when I forget to thank
Be there with me through this year and the next

Thank you for all that is, all that was
and all that will be

The traditional new year wish

It is that time of the year again. When I look back and rejoice, when I am thankful and a wee bit regretful, when I am so delighted with all that I have, all that I have gained, all that I have thankfully lost. I love the new years day. It is like I am seeing a beautiful clean slate with some fill in the blanks and some essay questions.

I love this life, I love all that life has to offer and I am feeling fresh on this beautiful cloudy morning to face any challenges that might come my way and learn.