Monday, June 29, 2015


Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room

As a kid, I was a reluctant dancer. I went for dance classes, but was very lazy and preferred my book and a cozy corner to getting on stage and actually dancing. By the time I actually started enjoying the dace limelight on me, fate intervened and I had to stop due to some issues with my leg.

After that, I never danced. Whether it was in a college auditorium surrounded my teenagers having a nice evening or in my living room just listening to a good beat, I was always the audience. I usually dont like the dance songs either. A salsa workshop in my third year or college was super enjoyable, but it is long forgotten now( I remembered about it when I was writing this post.) Thanks to my friends, I actually danced and got into a dance workshop in my final year of college, but something about my assigned partner put me off and I dropped off the same and never learnt the groovy moves.

A lot of people have mocked me for my apparent disinterest in dancing, but that has usually not affected me much, as my choices have usually made me happy or healthy (I am a teetotaler vegetarian :))

So, should I attempt to dance, just for myself? Not having done it before is not an excuse for not doing it going forward..Perhaps I will discover something about myself which I never knew before....

More on this later if something happens. :)

Personal choices

Another Baz Luhrmann post:

Maybe you'll marry, maybe you won't
Maybe you'll have children, maybe you won't
Maybe you'll divorce at 40, maybe you'll dance the 'Funky Chicken'
On your 75th wedding anniversary
Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much
Or berate yourself either
Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's

In a competitive society like ours, it is inevitable that personal choices and life style decisions are compared and analyzed in detail.

When you are 21, you are asked about your wedding. If you are lucky, perhaps at 25. But once you cross that mark, you are seldom not asked about what you are going to do with your life, without a spouse by your side.

When you are married for a couple of years, you are expected to have a kid and all ready to rise it or to be interested in having one and the only reason to live without one being some financial or health issue.

If you are unlucky in finding someone, you are constantly interrogated and your self worth bench marked based on what kind of person you are able to land. Turning down an alliance or calling off an engagement are sins. God forbid if you are in an unhappy marriage. You are supposed to bite your teeth and solve the issues instead of breaking away for good. It is not ok to admit that some mistakes are seen in great clarity only after they are done. The D word is still taboo in a lot places and in the instances where it happens, it is not always the best way out.

I loved the line above, as it reminded me yet again, that everything is also dictated by chance. We really don't have the right to congratulate or berate ourself too much. While we do have free will and our choices give us some illusion of changing our life, the fact that we had a choice in the first place, is mere chance. If your parents had been different, that one incident of birth, could have changed your life and what you saw as entitlement completely.

So, stop analyzing and actually start living..

What to do with life

Another Baz Luhrmann post:

Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life.
The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives
Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don't

What do I want to do with my life? This is one question that keeps me awake a lot of nights. I think I wrote a post earlier about the zillion forks which are there when two roads diverge. Being able to love what you do has some distinct disadvantages, because sometimes, you dont look beyond that and see what is out there.

I want to be an author (if, I get over my fear of actually writing and being critiqued), run an orphanage (or should it be a dog shelter?), have a huge plot of land with an organic garden, (while my current garden is not in a great shape if i can add) and be the CEO of a successful company (should it be mine or some company i join?). There, the list of some of the things I want to do with my life. Which of those is truly going to come true? Or are these going to change completely with time? I dont know.

I am glad that someone, somewhere has said that it is ok to not know what to do with my life. Should I just let the tide of time just take me along? Will everything figure itself out? I can only wonder. :)

Kaaka muttai - a slice of life

Image courtesy - the hindu

This movie has been on my to watch list for a very long time.

The plot is simple. Two children living in a slum, supported by their mother and cared for by their grandmother, while their father is in a prison, want to eat pizza after watching their favorite actor open a pizza shop. What happens to these simple kids in the pursuit of their pizza forms the plot of a very well taken classy movie.

The two kids are hard core optimists and their spirit rubs on you as you watch their antics. They desire a lot of things in their life and they come up with workarounds when they don't get exactly what they wanted. They steal crow's eggs and have it whenever possible as their mother cannot afford to give them normal Hen's eggs. The younger kid calls himself "Kaaka muttai" Hence, the title of the movie - Kaaka muttai. To help their mom make ends meet, they collect coal from the railway tracks and sell it in shops for a price. The income is not much, but it helps feed them every day.

The two kids are very good actors. They make it all seem so effortless. Whether it is the joy in their face on getting new clothes, or the sorrow when they watch their tree with a crow's nest being cut down or the determination they display to eat the pizza Simbu does, they take us on the journey with them.

While we watch the world through the eyes of the kids, we also get to see what the adults around them are up to and I was conflicted as to whether to be appalled by the injustice in the world or to admire the innocence which found joy in the smallest of things. The director has done a pretty good job in meshing the two worlds together and giving us an option to actually pick which one we want to follow.

One example - a friend of the kids shows them a pug and remarks that his dad got him the dog for 25k. They listen astounded and when they are looking to buy pizza, they try to sell their mongrel for 25k and are mocked at by the world. Often, even I am astounded by the value people place on breeds and I feel like the kids, trying to make sense of something utterly nonsensical.

The movie has a lot of poignant, funny and serious moments. If you want to realize how lucky you are and at the same time laugh at life and everything about it, give this movie a shot.

Premam - something for a romantic

We watch Premam last night. This Malayalam movie directed by Alphonse and starring Nivin Pauly, has found a special place in my heart. It is going to be tough to replace this movie as my favorite 2015 mallu movie.

It follows the life of George, a simple young man,from his SSLC through his college and his chosen career. To be specific, it gives us a peek into the love life of this romantic.

The movie begins with him writing a letter to the love of his life on a pleasant afternoon. He begins to describe her churidhar and is stuck as he does not know how to spell a few words. Hence, he keeps rewriting the letter, simplifying it with every draft. That, set the tone for the rest of the movie - something funny - either subtle or outrageous in every other fame and something so beautiful, romantic and picturesque.

The letter is for Mary, gorgeous with her curly hair and youthful face. The hero pines for her and follows her every single day. The director succeeds in making you feel the emotion of the hero and also brings Kerala alive in the screen. The young men chasing the heroine and being beaten by her dad, seem very real. There is nothing melodramatic about the whole deal. George imagines telling Mary that since her name is George and that of her father is also George, she need never change her surname. Now that becomes anti-climatic as another George appears in the picture and takes Mary away, while our hero becomes the messenger boy. You cant help but feel his pain and laugh at his plight.

He dusts this off and goes to college where he promptly falls in love with a teacher from Tamil Nadu. He is the college gunda and there are a lot of pretty girls giving him the looks, but never approaching him to speak to him. Malar is spunky and has that 'girl next door' charm that draws you to her.

His pursuit of the teacher Malar, is relentless and he is rewarded for she is also in love with him. There are a lot of sweet moments and you watch the pair slowly get close to each other. She does not compromise on the student teacher relationship, but she indulges him wherever possible. That girl can dance - watch out for the scenes where George and his friends are taught by her. Since I am not one for revealing the story, i will stop the plot narration right here and move on to the characters.

Nivin Pauly is brilliant. It is his movie all the way! His presence just transforms the whole screen. Whether he is a shy school kid or the college gunda or the successful business man, he pulls the character off with ease and through body language and appearance, he brings about a lot of differences across them.

The three leading ladies are so normal and you cant help liking them for one reason or the other.  You feel like they are people you can meet in your every day life. The secondary characters, especially his friends Koya and Shambu are excellent additions.

The cinematography is beautiful. You feel like you are in Kerala - the rain is a constant presence through the movie. The director and the cinematographer's efforts warm you all the way. There are tiny birds that fly, butterflies that flit and greenery that just pleases your eyes. The music weaves itself very effortlessly to the plot. When you watch the song - Malare - you will yearn to be next to that someone special.

A very well made movie with a couple of flaws, but nothing that glaring that it would reduce your enjoyment. Watch it to indulge the romantic in you and to enjoy this director's sense of humour.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remembering compliments

Remember compliments you receive, forget the insults, if you succeed in doing this, tell me how

Another Baz Luhrmann post. :)

Let us try this exercise. Close your eyes and let your mind wander,think of someone and something they have told you. If it is someone you love, you would remember the nice times and some of the not too nice ones. If it is not a person you spend a lot of time with, you would remember some snide remarks made by or about the person. Try this experiment with multiple people and if not about the people you know, this should give you an idea of who you actually are.

One titbit from an article on testing has stuck to my head, it says that it takes 3 positives to balance a negative. This line has been quoted by me a lot of times in this blog and today, when I think about the positives vs. the negative in a person, the negatives and positives balance out because of the neutrals.

You can never forget the insults because you are programmed to remember the negatives more. Perhaps it comes from our cave men times where we had to remember where the scary monsters were so we could avoid them. Now with all the monsters going away, we are left with those in our head and we try to live with them by not killing them when they are formed.

Getting out of a circle of insulting and being insulted is going to happen only when we consciously be as positive and pay as many compliments to the others. I am not talking about flattering someone unnecessarily, but about actually telling someone they look good when they do and appreciating the efforts they make.

So instead of remembering my own compliments, I am going to be remembered for giving compliments. How that works for me will be a post in a couple of months.

The green eyed monster

Don't waste your time on jealousy
Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind
The race is long and in the end, it's only with yourself

The green eyed monster is one that scares me to no end. It is the scariest of the sins sometimes as a) you dont know what will trigger it in someone or in you b) You dont know how people are going to behave when under its influence and c) You dont even know who is under the influence.

Growing up, I have lost a lot of my friends to this creature and usually, it was too late by the time I realised what had happened. I confided in those that were listening only because it gave them some perverse pleasure at my sorrow.

One incident that is unforgettable is standing in my own balcony, drying clothes and listening to my friend who hadn't realized she was living right behind - rant on about how much of a show off I was to someone on the phone. She had moved to the neighborhood a couple of days before the incident and I had been so glad to see her. It was once my fantasy to live near my friends. (Then i married one, so it all worked out well. :) )

We had just returned to our respective houses after a lovely dinner and it felt wonderful to have caught up with her. She went on about how  I was flaunting my disposable income, acting all hoity toity and I was shocked to silence. She had never told me anything about it to my face and I had actually asked her if I had changed.

And the funny part is, this was someone I had admired and sometimes been jealous of, for her being so amicable and sweet. Sometimes, when we seem to be behind, we actually might not be. We are right there, just with the rest of the world, only assuming, we are behind.

I am not usually a jealous person. The thing is, you have to pay more attention to the world around you to be falling for that vice. Or you have to want something someone else has and you dont. Usually, working towards what I want seems to be an easier thing to do.

Anger is more my vice than anything else. But being competitive by nature, running races is not new to me. My school topper who I kept trying to do better than, the boy in my office whose knowledge I wanted to have, the fitness of a friend who was just mindblowingly gorgeous. Grudging them the success was not my style, working to get it myself was more logical.

Over the last 4 years, realization has sunk in, that I can only compete against myself, for sometimes I am ahead, sometimes behind, but the race is only with myself, not with anyone else. The circumstances are different, the priorities are different and the journey is completely different. The green eyed monster can perhaps visit me for a few minutes, but it can never ever stay. It will not be allowed to. :)

Dont be reckless

Don't be reckless with other people's hearts

My next post dedicated to the Baz Luhrmann song.

One of the easiest things in the world is to be careless with emotions - your own as well as that of those around you. Even if you control your emotions, sometimes doing just that might hurt people as they expect a word of affection or understanding from you.

Not controlling your emotions is worse as then you have broken something very very fragile and it is not going to look the same no matter how much you try to put it back together.

I am sometimes very angry - it is like another person inside of me, waiting for an opportunity to come out and eat anyone who has made the mistake of standing next to me. Not just eat them, but eat and spit them out. It sounds really graphic, but believe me, after my outburst, that is how I feel. I usually keep my emotions in check, so I wonder where this anger comes from sometimes. Perhaps it is just a few things which trigger it.

I have learnt to control my temper, but it is really an uphill task. When someone says, dont be reckless with a heart, I think of how much I hurt people with my anger. I dont think of the probable hearts I could have broken romantically. A few days back, I resolved not to lose my temper. I have not succeeded yet, I did get angry a couple of times, but being aware that I am doing it is helping me control it.  I am walking up a mountain, refusing to be like SIsyphus, rolling a rock uphill, only for it fall down every single time. I am hoping to at least stop the rock midway and not let it crush me in the process.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don't worry about the future

Don't worry about the future
Or know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum

Another post dedicated to Baz Luhrmann's song..

How do we really, truly, not worry about the future? I think it is impossible or really really difficult. A lot of us are trained to focus on the consequences of our actions. Thats the whole karma deal right there. Usually, the future we think about and plan for, is not the one where we look at the overall consequences of our actions, but just the one where we see what can probably happen for us. So I think I can throw the karma argument out of a hypothetical window. Those that think of karma, dont worry about the future, they are careful in the present and let life take its course.

Don't worry about the future - well, I always do. Not just worry about the future, but of the past and the present and the future and the present of those around me. In my promise to re-look at my life, I thought about a few scenarios where I was worried about my future and something unexpected and amazing happened when the worry was forgotten.

In my last year of college life, all that my mind thought about was finding a job. It did not grasp the concept of a career or that my choice then could potentially influence my entire working life. Nope. The immediate need was to get a great sounding job and wrap the year up a winner.

My focus then was landing a job in a company whose shortlist I never made. I accidentally applied for a job in a bank as my uncle told me banks hire mechanical engineers to help them deal with factories and the like. The bank was hiring engineers.. but for their reasoning skills.. and analytics found me a willing taker. It was a field which was relatively new then and of all the coincidences life got me into digital analytics, something I have loved doing for 7 years now. Funny story - the now crazy planner me, never planned for it or worried about it when jumping into it.

We were driving around one fine day in an effort to get out of the house. Taking a route we had never seen, we found a hoarding with a nice picture of a house. The place was beautiful and fit all things both of us wanted and before we knew it, we were home owners (with a big loan, but thats ok)

Two choices made when not worrying or over thinking influence my professional and personal life now. They worked out pretty well. Like I said earlier, I never imagined the life I live. Perhaps, when you are ready to work hard, all the right pieces fall in place. So rather than worry, it would be better to focus the energy on work and work and work of one form or another.

Well connected

Whatsapp has become a very effective medium for staying connected. Even people who hardly used it last year, are becoming quite used to it. The simplicity and the ability to connect with multiple people is its charm.

However awesome it is, I really get bugged when I am added in a zillion groups where people share jokes rather than anything real. I feel we are trying to create a collage of funny images to show that we have a sense of humour and to prove that everything is fine with our lives. It does not matter if we are sending it to a lot of people and it does not matter if the same image is being shared again and again. Being able to laugh and being funny are more important than anything else.

I feel like the dog in the pic, an unwitting victim of an act which is harmless and scary at the same time. (incidentally, this was also a forward I received)

Power and beauty of youth

My first blog post on the Baz Luhrmann song - the line that this post is about is

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth, oh, never mind
You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth
Until they've faded

7 years ago, I went to Nasik with my mother in December 2008. This trip was special for a lot of reasons. I had just started working then and was very excited to be taking my first vacation as an adult with my mother. My aunt had been in Nasik for the longest time and something or the other had always prevented us from visiting her. It was only fitting that we do something we always wanted and hadn't been able to, when I was doing something I had never dreamt I would (getting used to my id card in office was such a cool deal back then. Man, i loved swiping in and out. It was so much fun)

We took the train and throughout the train journey, I kept fretting as to how fat I had become thanks to snacking too much. I felt like I had two faces instead of one (It is the only time I remember in my adult life that I felt so embarrassed about my weight. I have been heavier, but not so upset). I tried to avoid being in the spotlight in the pictures and I was always the photographer.

My cousin and I got matching tops and we took a picture together at her insistence. One which i printed and had in my wall of memories when I was single. When I got married, a lot of my pictures were never hung up again. Today, I was looking at those pics and I realized how nice I looked then. To think I was fretting and fuming and cursing all pizzas instead of posing in those beautiful places and enjoying the day...

I remembered these lines and I wondered if in a few years from now, i will be happy that I looked like how I do now. I never imagined 7 years ago, that I would be here, doing what I am doing, living how I am living. The future was not something that was so well laid out and I never, ever imagined my present. The folks I thought I wanted to become then, are but distant memories now and those I thought I would never let go off are mere names that pop up in my chat list as I have never used gtalk after that phase. There was so much possibility and so much hope and I did choose the right path for me, albeit unknowingly. The present should not be spent fretting, no matter what the emergency(that is what i think now, though I am sure I would be fretting in like 10 minutes) and the past has to be revisited once in a while to remind us of who we were, who we are now and how it all came to be.

Signing off with a few awesome lines from the same song:

in 20 years, you'll look back
At photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now
How much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The natural way

I am trying to make changes in my life. Some small, some big and some phenomenal. One big change is following a naturopathy diet. My response to any health issue I have faced in the past has been to just shrug it off and hope it cures itself. As I finally accepted recently, some things dont go away and just become worse with time and have a way of embarrassing you when you least expect it to.

So there that leaves me, taking charge of my life and making a big lifestyle change. It is the third day now and I do feel the difference. It is expensive, but not as expensive as my frequent dine outs. Right now, my fingers are crossed and am hoping this is a permanent lifestyle change and not a temporary one, motivated by my desire to change, which might in itself could go away soon.

No milk, no curd, no preservative laden food, no maida, no citrus fruits etc. etc. But there are a lot of things which can be eaten and the exercises are nothing back breaking - yoga and walking, which I always love. One month of this and I want to see if it changes me. I will stick through with this. (that line was more for myself)

Two roads and the million forks

Long ago, a poet said,

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and I took the one less travelled by

Now, I have been very inactive in the blog space last month as I have been struggling with a very big decision. To say that I have been thinking about it almost every hour would be an understatement. How is it that when I see two roads, I dont see just two roads but the million forks they hold?

If i did A and B happened then what will happen to C? To top it, my decisions affect not just me, but a few others around me and I feel like a lot is riding on my shoulders. So many times, I just want to throw my hand up in desperation and strut off to some random place.

Listening to my gut is also not working too well because my gut tells me to do both, knowing pretty well both scenarios cannot co-exist. Talk about funny fate.

The best advice I heard was from someone completely unexpected - he just told me to get out of my comfort zone, because as long as I stuck to it, I would never be able to grow. He told me, dont think about what you will gain - every situation has its positives, but about what you will lose and how important that is to you. Then, take the call. Would I take the call? What would it be? Will I truly follow my heart? I can only wonder..

Monday, June 22, 2015

The creepy car story

Yesterday,we were driving back home after a late dinner. We live a little outside the city so most of our ride is through isolated roads. In a very empty road, we were zooming along, when we spotted a pretty girl standing all alone and looking into a empty plot of land. We were psyched out and wondered about her safety. We had zipped past, but reversed to ask her what happened.

We reach her and realize she has a guy friend who is standing a little away. She says that her car is stuck in a puddle and she is waiting for her parents to come. While we are speaking, we see an innova reverse. An extremely drunk guy gets down and comes to me and asks me where I am from and what I am trying to do here. I roll up my window and tell him we are helping the girl and that we are fine now. He refuses to move.

He pushes the girl around and touches her inappropriately and she is too shocked to do anything except tell her friend that the guy is pushing her. We try to convince her to get into the car and also tell her friend that they are safer with us and we can drop them at a common point. She is confused and did not want to get in. The other guys in the innova tried to get their friend back as they realize we are not going anywhere. He is too drunk to care and gives his attention to me and the girl, trying to intimidate us.

The girl finally got into the car after some convincing and just as we are about to take her to a landmark nearby, her parents arrive. We let her go and went home.

I am just surprised by how the girl reacted. She was standing alone in an isolated road and instead of calling for a tow truck, was waiting for someone to arrive. I would not have gotten out of the car in such a scary road. We could not even see the car. I am glad we stopped because we were convinced that the innova guys were up to no good. They kept calling her an item and asking their friend to come back as they had an audience.

Friday, June 19, 2015

An inspirational challenge

My best friend from college, shared this video with me yesterday.

I had never listened to the song before, but somehow, it came to me on a day when it was the most relevant to me. As I listen to it again today, I have decided to challenge today. A tribute to Baz Luhrmann - I will write about some of the things which come up in the song in my blog.

The title will be the line but the post could be about anything. I give myself 11 days to do this. Let us see how it goes. :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The supposed distinction

The educated lot around the world claim that what makes us different from animals is our sixth sense. Sometimes I feel that in our pride in having intelligence distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom, we forget some of the important aspects of being human. Having empathy for one. Respecting someones space for another.Also, the ability to accept and be kind and not cause harm without any reason.

I am deeply pained to write this but I have recently come to wonder if the supposed entitled lot in our world even deserve the entitlement. The extent of cruelty that they are capable of showing just bowls me over. Everyday, a gang of children come and dance outside our house and make fun of the dogs. Earlier, Laika would growl, but now she never reacts. I guess my dog is more mature than this bunch of brats whose parents are watching this nonsense unfold right in front of their eyes.

A couple of days back, someone let our friend's dog loose and to add insult to the injury threw a stone at it. Not one of the many laborers working around, but mostly an educated, entitled adult.

People just watch when someone was doing all these acts of cruelty. Some even have the shamelessness to laugh at the supposed innocence behind this. Those that witness it are as guilty as those committing the act.

Perhaps, since I have dogs I notice all these things. If I had not, I would not even have known it happened let alone stood up for it.

We are going to get CCTV cameras installed in front of our house. Anyone who teases or throws stones on dogs is going to be caught on video and publicly shamed. I dont see any other option. How you treat your animals shows how you are as a human being and it is unfortunate that lot of us haven't made the move from animal to human.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Just.. For a season

I have been out of social media for a few weeks now. I'm yet to thank folks for my birthday wishes and a very guilty me logged in for just that today. The idea was dropped when the first image in the feed caught my eye.

Someone I considered to be my best friend at a point in time was smiling at me from my phone. With her new husband. I had no idea she was getting married this week. We've been so out of touch that I wasn't surprised, but a tiny part of me felt bad.

She was with me through a few tough times and when I had zero confidence in my self, she was there to remind me of who I was. It was a wonderful thing and whenever I look back, I am thankful for it. Perhaps, it is true when they say that some people waltz into your life just for a season. To say that she played a very important role in my life at one point in time would be an understatement. She was my best friend. The first one i truly confided a lot of things which nobody else knows even now.

My heart is just unhappy in admitting that it has not been the case for the longest time. We are different people now and we always will be, and I marvel at the naive girl I was who thought that all serious relationships are forever.

My new theory is that everyone comes in to play a role in your life, you in theirs, you get some ideas and philosophies from them, them from you and that inter mingling creates a beautiful jigsaw that's your personality. You can't change how things are or will be. You can only be thankful and if really bored figure out who influenced which specific attribute of yours.

Some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and very very few for a lifetime. Perhaps some come again and again into your life for various reasons. You can never know. Can you?

The lost week

Last week was effectively lost. I was in a haze for most of it and the rest of it, scrambling to finish things at work and home. I think I've recovered.

Spent a lot of time today out, playing and walking the morons. Neglecting my health the past few weeks has come back and bitten me when I least expected it to. No more being lazy. I need to gain the lost hours and perhaps some lost opportunities.  I need to find my foot and conquer the world one day at a time, one success to savor ever so often.

Friday, June 05, 2015

The case of the cracked skull

That, sounds pretty gory. It would have been the title of a book about me if I had been a tad more unlucky.

After our splendid vacation, we enjoyed a hail storm on Sunday. Then, since the two devils were really scared, we took them out for a walk. We got caught in the rain again and as I entered the house, me, the person who had survived Goa heat and the parasailing, slipped and fell in my own car porch and hit my head. I saw a few tweety birds fly around and wailed my heart out for the longest time. (I am not ashamed to admit that). To make matters worse, my eyes, shoulder and neck started aching.

I braved the roads and reached office on Monday only to realise i could not stay put in my seat for too long. The doctor in the emergency gave me an appraising look and asked a long list of questions to ensure that my sanity was still intact. Then, he prescribed pain killers and rest for two days. That, was the last straw in this camel's back because thanks to the wonder medicines, my digestion went for a toss. My mood was like that of a dragon woken up from a deep slumber. A lot of poor creatures were burnt and swallowed unintentionally. After almost a week, here is a prayer that things will be back to normal soon. Hopefully...