Friday, July 31, 2015

The failed escape

I am attempting to write this post from the point of view of Laika

The female human is looking at me curiously and then going up the stairs. Now, I have to go up as that is where all the fun is but my senses warn me that something is off. Still, there is always a possibility that she would leave us unsupervised and that I can jump into the next house and tear her mother's clothesline and bean bag. I am a latent super hero and it is time she acknowledged my powers and let me live my life catching and killing those micro-organisms sent by the villains. Zoya will be a good side kick if she can stop cowering every time these guys get angry.

Why is she closing the terrace door? That is not a good sign. Uh oh, she is picking up that dreaded rusty iron leash. Its bath time. I howl my heart out to warn Zoya and we run as fast as we can. She is nowhere near and we jump across the terrace to the house next door. Ah, there is a good spot to hide, behind the bean bags, she cannot get us now!

Before we can defend our spot, she is standing over me, calling out my name.

"I know mine lady, no thank you. You are not going to drench me with water and give me a bath" the word doesnt sit well with me, neither does the act.

I run for my life and try to run around her and confuse her. Zoya strategically has landed back at our house, only to run around and get back here before the lady can come anywhere close.

She will give up and go away. She cannot catch us now! We are freeeee!

Before my victory dance, he comes out and catches me from behind. When did she call for reinforcements? I am doomed. This is the end.

I submit myself to the humiliating ordeal of being tied up and bathed while Zoya dances around me. Doesnt that dog realize she is next? Is that seriously a dance? How can she be so happy? I cant think any more as the water hits my body and I try valiantly to get out of the shackles that bind.

After what seemed like an eternity, perhaps my sneak peek of hell, I am let loose and I go and give Zoya the slap she deserves and she lies on her back, ready to be picked up and bathed.

I have to spread the joy. That is the least that I can do! I sit in the sun and watch the birds forgetting all my world domination plans.

P.S: The picture is of Laika from the days we used to take her to a doggy shop to get her a bath. Her dance drama there with loud almost got us banned for life, but the owner is a fellow dog lover who understood our ordeal just too well.

Self help

Yesterday, after the murder of our banana tree, we decided to do all the gardening work ourselves. Considering the state of the garden, it took us almost 4 hours to trim, cut and basically give our plants a new look they deserved. It was back breaking (relatively please) but the satisfaction made the effort worth it.

After becoming Laika and Zoya's number one enemy ( i gave them a bath - an act which deserves a post by itself), I rearranged our cozy corner in the terrace. Then, went with my mom in the car to get some more plants for the terrace as the act of taking care of the garden gave me the much needed motivation. (The fact that mom and I could go in a car and buy plants was also a fantasy both of us never had in the first place) We got some lovely jasmine, ferns and then some plants for her garden. As we were billing we got talking to the supervisor who was ready to come to our place and help us set up things!

He came last night and now I have gotten myself a gardener who is ready to help me set up a proper vegetable garden and also show me how to maintain my plants better. He and I still dont see eye to eye on the no chemical rule, but thats the one thing I am not ready to compromise on. Cow dung and goat manure along with some neem oil should do the trick and there will be nothing which is not nature there.

I cant wait for more gardening days to come. The plants give me hope and joy every single day. The birds that flit from one branch to the other in the hibiscus are a pleasure to watch and they deserve some chemical free spot.

Ad free television

The last two years have been an experiment of sorts with Ad free television for us. We subscribed to a few paid channels like Star World Premiere HD, HBO Hits and Defined. Also, started watching a lot more of HD channels and paying a little extra for the supposed privilige.

The experiment has paid off for me for I get to watch pretty great English entertainment that is relatively ad free! Logically, since we do pay the cable television for the channels, I think every channel should make an attempt to show us less ads. Somehow, they do not seem to get their head around to that idea and I am assaulted by ads for all kinds of wierd products when I watch television. With all programs being available online, the channels have to reinvent themselves sooner than later.

A few Hindi and Tamil channels have ads that go on for a good five minutes and though I am subscribed to them, I hardly spend time watching them. HD has opened my eyes to the possibility of lesser ads.

I hope there is an increase in population like me and we get to watch more such ad free channels.

The unwritten marathon

Image courtesy - wikipedia

Last year, I subscribed to this library which lent me graphic novels. The book lover in me thrived in the set up and I was getting new books almost every other day. Unfortunately, due to some unavoidable circumstances, they had to shut down. I was half way through reading a series called "The Unwritten" and this was a big blow.

End of the year, through a stroke of fate, I got some amazon gift cards and all the ten books soon found their way to our personal library.. and lay forgotten as I wanted to read all ten in one go. The kindle unlimited addiction made me forget about this awesome collection waiting for me, until last week.

A blissful two days were spent just getting lost in Tom's world.

The unwritten follows Tom Taylor, whose father Wilson Taylor wrote a famous series of books about a boy called Tommy Taylor. He disappears under mysterious circumstances and his son makes a living by showing up in comic conventions and the like as Tommy Taylor and posing with millions of fans, as the estate is under litigation and he cannot touch his father's wealth. In one such convention, a girl called Lizzie asks him if perhaps Tom is actually Tommy as there are quite a few flaws in his life story. Tom's life is thrown into a turmoil as he struggles to come to terms with who he actually is and discovers few well guarded secrets about the power of the written word. A cabal has been controlling mankinds access to ideas from time immemorial and Tom goes up against them as he realizes and comes to terms with his own powers. Much like the Tommy in the book, he is aided by two friends who appear under mysterious circumstances. How they go about the fight and who some of the players are is revealed over the multiple books.

The art work is amazing and each book looks as good as the previous one. While the plot and the writing is completely wonderful in the first 6, it goes a little down hill from the seventh book. It is way better than a few other graphic series I have read, but if you are not a hard core literature fan like me, some of the references might go well over your head. Ultimately what worked best for me with this series is its conviction that the written word is much stronger than we think and the power of belief can do great things for all of us when used effectively.

A definite must read (the first 6 books) for any graphic novel fan and even any voracious reader. Get lost in the world of the unwritten and accept the truth about a few things you already knew deep in your heart.

Ant man- yet another Marvel success

Image courtesy - wikipedia

While watching Bahubali, we saw a poster for Ant-man. I usually find out about movies from my husband or from the posters. I am not one for watching trailers or following movie news. I had heard of the Ant man as a character, but never thought there would be a movie.

Being the fantasy fans that we are, we went to watch the movie one beautiful tuesday night. Cheaper tickets were the icing on the cake.

Maybe because our expectations were already low, we loved the movie. It was more a story about relationships than a fantasy. Paul Rudd as Ant Man and Scott Lang, the loser electrical engineer who tries to do the right thing and gets jailed for it, is brilliant. His unassuming style is perhaps what worked best for the movie. Michael Douglas as Pym, the inventor of the ant man is another delight to watch. His sorrow at the loss of his wife, his broken relationship with his daughter and his calm despite the anger in his prodigy's betrayal are expressed very beautifully.

The plot is straightforward. Darren Cross, a prodigy of Pym has created a suit to rival his master's best kept secret - the ant man. He is not able to make the yellow suit function perfectly and he has no qualms about selling it to the highest bidder. His anger at his mentor for never revealing the secret of the original suit dominate his thoughts and he is more than a little imbalanced. Ant man is tasked with retrieving the suit and destroying all records on how to make it with an ant army.

The execution is pretty darn good. The visual effects are stunning - especially the scene where Scott Lang discovers the power of the suit and is minimized and chased by a rat, the one where he enters an ant hill and gets to meet his army, the one where the ants form a raft, for something. :)

Both the father's relationship with their daughters is explored.. It is touching and emotional but definitely not melodramatic, a difficult balance to achieve. This is a movie I would recommend any Marvel fan to watch. It is irreverent in places (where the Avengers are made fun of), definitely funny (watch out for Scott's cell mate and his quips) and well executed.

Ant man is not as classy/witty as Iron Man, as hunky as Thor and doesnt throw a mean punch like the Hulk, but there is a tiny possibility that over time, I might like him better than goody goody Captain America.

Bahubali - an Indian masterpiece

Image courtesy -

I am a huge fan of Telugu movies. I try to watch them whenever possible. My grasp of the language is not as great as it used to be, but it gets me by when Tollywood takes me to a different dimension altogether.

Eversince the first poster caught our eye, we were waiting to watch this new epic by director Rajamouli. I have watched all his previous outings and this was going to be the icing on the cake.

All my expectations were exceeded and we watched a wonderfully crafted epic with larger than life scenarios, heroes and beautiful screenplay unfold in front of our eyes. Ramya Krishnan, one of my favorites since Padayappa is seen in the opening shot of the movie running away from soldiers with a dagger in her back and a baby in her hand. She vanquishes the men chasing her and falls victim to nature's fury and submerges in water. Her prayer to save Mahendra Bahubali is answered and though she drowns trying to save the baby, the baby finds a home in a loving community.

The hunky Prabhas grows up as the apple of his adopted mother's eye and he tries to scale the waterfall every single day to identify what is there on top. His desire is further kindled when the mask of a beautiful woman falls from the top of the falls and he sets his heart on finding the woman of his dreams. He manages the tough climb to find his lady love fighting warriors off. She is part of a group intent on saving the queen from her captors. (Played by Anushka whose eyes spit fire. She has a tiny role, but she plays it with class.)

The romance is silly at best, but given the pace of the movie, it can be forgiven. What cannot be however, is the heroine giving up the quest she yearns for to the hero the moment she sleeps with him. Perhaps there is a better explanation for this in the next part of the movie.

But then, the reality is it is a hero's movie through and through. The good news is that there are strong female leads - Ramya Krishnan and even Tamannah and hopefully Anushka in the second outing and apart from the hero, there is Satyaraj as Kattappa, who is pretty adorable.

I am not going to reveal any more of the plot here. But this is one must watch movie, purely for its scale and brilliant performances.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The frisky Chimp

We saw this very frisky chimp in the Mysore Zoo. He/She was posing for cameras while climbing up and down a pretty torn down tree. There was joy and hope that despite restrictions, there will always be time for leisure. Why can we seriously not live in harmony with Nature?  Maybe because we know that our lives would end even before it began if we did. We are not equipped to survive out there now.


Mysore zoo

My one fantasy for a very long time was to visit the Mysore zoo. I had been there with my good friends from college in Dec'08, but had never ventured near it after that. Though we crossed Mysore a lot of times, we never made the time to visit the zoo.

It was a very different experience. The zoo houses a variety of animals, including those that are not normally found in India. The animals were not captured from the wild, but were actually pets of a few individuals or had been sent to the zoo in need of medical attention. Since, this was the case, I was glad to see the animals there. However, I felt like a voyeur as a lot of the lovely creatures deserved a lot more space and freedom. In my earlier visits as a kid and a young adult, this thought had never crossed my mind. After having pets, perhaps my empathy for other animals has sprung as I see my dogs in a similar situation and I know how much they would hate it.

The lions, tigers and the carnivores, just seemed really tired and bored. The one guy who had an attitude was this leopard who was walking around the cage and who i felt would give anything to be out of it and in the open.


The sheer variety of animals and a board which said,"Now you are watching" reminded me how much we have managed to take over something which was not ours in the first place. How are we going to set this right? Can this world ever go back to being as organic as it was before?

The behaviour of human beings in the zoo was shameful to say the least. They were constantly mocking the animals and trying to eat in front of them. These were seemingly mature adults, not children. When will we ever learn?

Talakkad - beauty and capitalism

Talakkad was another stop on the way home from Kerala. It is one of those beautiful places where you can see clean water and get to glide along too.

The first thing that happened when we entered Talakkad was that we were asked to donate to a worthy cause of army pensioners and were given a stamp as proof of the 10 rs we were forced to give up. The guy was blocking the road and refused to let us pass, albeit very politely. We enter the town and we shelled out a 40rs as entry fee and a further 20rs as we entered the supposed forest. This was a little unsettling as the town did not seem to have changed much due to the influx of visitors, but the toll collectors were just getting fatter by the day. Under normal circumstances, I would not even have noticed it, let alone commented, but after seeing Somnathpur and Wayanad, we were too stunned by beauty and could recognize something bad when we saw it.

We forgot about this during our beautiful coracle ride. We decided to tip the old man who took us on the ride and gave him an extra 40, hoping he could buy something for himself. We were shocked to see him go and hand it over to a guy sitting by the river, who made a note of the money the old man made on a piece of paper.

How can there every be distribution of wealth in this country if even in the smallest of places,the ones who deserve it do not get the money and it is taken by the middle men? Like the plant in the water which continued to live despite being pushed down by our coracle, our coracle man and the millions like him continue to live despite the system's oppression.

We were lost in thought and headed home cancelling our planned Somnathpur trip as this was in a way just too disturbing.

Before the drive home, we managed to grab some lunch in one of the shacks on the beach and we had the tastiest pulyogare there. I would recommend trying food in the shacks there, if you are brave enough.

Somnathpur - another story in stone

On our way back from Kerala, we stopped in Somnathpur. The temple was built in the Hoysala style and it is stunning. We have Vishnu here in three forms - Keshava, Venugopala and Janarthana. The main temple has a very ornate ceiling. Each bit very unique and different from the rest. Our time there was spent gazing up at the ceiling and revering the workmanship and the skill of the sculptors.

It is in a way sad too as beautiful temples like these have been destroyed by conquerors. Or perhaps the lesson is, despite all the war and the anger, art finds a way to survive. Why else would we be standing in the temple close to a 1000 years after it was built? Wars might change the course of history, but art also achieves the same thing, by changing the attitude of those that witness it and those that practice it.

Hampi, Belur, Halebid, Lepakshi and Somnathpur are places every person in Bangalore should visit on one of those mall hopping weekends and be proud of and aspire to create something that can last through time


Heaven on earth - Wayanad

Last weekend, we spent a few days in Wayanad, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We were lucky to get to stay in a room in Banasura Island resort. The place was isolated, overlooking a lake and it had a lot of trekking options. Once we conquer the rubbled approach road, we landed in heaven on earth.

There were very few adventurous souls ready to brave the rains in Kerala. Hence, we got a pretty good discount for our stay over there, though it was booked just a week before the actual trip.

Our room over looked Kabini river and we were lucky enough to get to trek a small stream nearby as well.

Losing oneself to nature is such a wonderful experience. The long nature walks there will always bring a smile to my face. I was even greeted by a leech after visiting the stream. It was not painful and it just stopped bleeding once the leech fell away. Perhaps, the creepy crawlies arent so disgusting after all. A blue butterfly did follow me around and I tried to spot where it hid in the thick undergrowth. Such beauty in something so tiny is a joy to witness.

The difference in the taste of the water from Wayanad to Bangalore is so obvious now and I still have to convince myself to drink the water here. I really wish that I can buy a big farm land in a beautiful paradise like this and just live there, far away from all the noise of the city. Closer to nature. I dont think anything else matters in the long run.

The picture with this post is a view of the river from our window. It was heavenly to say the least.

Out of comfort zone


This is a post that is long due.A post about our attempt at conquering a small hill (Makalidurga) and being humbled and proud in the process.

All this began when my sister wanted to do something adventurous. She found a night trek and convinced the three of us (me, my dear husband and my mom) that it was the right thing to do.

We set out one saturday night, with a friend of ours and were greeted by a few happy faces out of a bus. Though we were slightly older than the rest of the crowd, we fit right in, as all of us had trouble climbing the hill. (Except our guides who I am confident must have been monkeys in another life)

The climb made me realize a few things:

1. Trust a stranger at times - if you can abandon your fear and give your hand to a total stranger when it is pitch dark and you are on the face of a cliff with not much of a footing, you will actually climb higher. Provided the stranger is strong enough to pull you up of course. We did not know the names of many of the folks in the group, but there was a certain kinship that came from trying to scramble for our lives.
2. There is not substitute to fitness - there is no substitute for this. I am ashamed and proud to admit that my mother was a natural. She could just scale the peak like she did it every damn day. We werent out of breath per se, thanks to our almost regular exercise regimen, but we have a very long way to go in our fitness
3. We are micro-organisms in an already tiny cog - We paused mid way through the trek to see a lake shaped like South America. It was just mind blowing. Here I was sweating the small stuff, worrying about where I was going to go next, where my life was taking me, forgetting that I am just another small micro-organism in a tiny cog. It was humbling.
4. Back yourself - While climbing, initally, I was following the crowd, not too confident about where to place the next step. But while getting down, I was a little more confident and could create a path for myself. Often, when plagued with self doubt, I remember my climb down and am confident that one way or the other, I will find the right path. Sooner than later, but it does not matter.
5. Seize the moment - For a person like me, who is addicted to doing better every single day, this is a very important reminder. It is important to seize the day, smell the flowers and just take a break. Watching the world go by is a wonderful thing by itself and losing myself to the sky and the trees as I gave the hill my 100% was a very liberating experience.

Sometimes, when we get out of our comfort zones, we accomplish things far beyond our wildest dreams. All it takes, is a leap of faith.

The best part was after the climb, we looked up to see the hill and were taken aback that we had actually climbed it, that too in the dark. I am not too sure I would take a risk like that again, but the experience was thoroughly enjoyable

The tree in the beginning of the post, caught my attention, for it was with the rest and still all alone in the peak.

The murder of the banana

Today, my banana was murdered. I was an accessory to the fact, but the main culprit was this wanna-be gardener I had hired.

Our banana had given fruits. The tree is usually removed after it bears fruit once and the new plant comes from the root. I had one which had given fruit and two which were yet to. He was told yesterday to remove the one which was old and let the other two be.

The genius came in through the backyard today and when we were deep in sleep, cut all three. I woke up to my mother's call as she asked me if i had asked him to cut all three. Shocked, I open the window to miss the familiar sight of the banana leaves to which we woke every day.

Not satisfied with just the murder, the idiot had the cheek to tell me that my poor mom had asked for it. He disappeared before I could venture down, without clearing the leaves and demanding my neighbour (back) pay for it as her view had been cleared.

I am just cursing myself for not waking up earlier today. ;(

Rest in peace dear banana. Next time around, we will take better care of you.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


A few weeks back, there was a hailstorm in bangalore. That week we also saw heavy winds that tore leaves and plants away. My garden was in tatters and I had half a mind to just remove some of the plants.

I did the best i could do in terms of trimming and let it be. Now, when I look at my garden, it looks just amazing. The transformation is wonderful. All it asked for was a little time and patience. Rebirth is such a beautiful thing to witness.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shifting priorities

Yesterday something awesome happened. I was sitting through something I was very involved with at one point in time.

In fact if things didn't go as planned earlier I would be depressed or unhappy for weeks on end. The need to always be on top of the game was indescribable.

However, when listening in yesterday I realized that somewhere along the way my priorities had shifted. Other things had come right to the top which had not even been anywhere in the list. I don't know how it happened or why.. But I am really glad that I'm evolving with time.

My angel

I found a few pics of Laika as a baby from the shelter's website. I just fell all over in love again. :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Joy and love

We went to a pet shelter yesterday. It was the same place we'd picked laika up from and I had been hoping to go there for a long time.

We had a wonderful morning there. The pups and grown dogs had so much love to share. One pup caught my eye as she had a deformity in her back legs. She was still so happy. She looked tired but she is usually active and calm. The shelter shared this picture with me.

I hope she finds a house soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Players

An action shot when the two darlings were playing off leash.. :)

Wings of a butterfly

They are frail but still beautiful. Perhaps,the beauty is because they are frail. Would they be as pretty if they were denser? Flight wouldnt be possible, the flowers might not take the weight.

Maybe, things are meant to be as they are for a reason. Only someone not so close to the reality might see it.

The forks

Think of this image - very vivid in front of my eyes now.

There are multiple forks, each leading on to different beautiful places. The possibilities are endless. The potential to achieve something - unlimited.

You try to take a step forward in some direction and then realize, your feet are glued to this spot. This awesome spot which gives you a peek into everything, which is very beautiful and comfortable, but which is still holding you. Whether it is holding you back or having your back is something that is to be figured out. :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

The hunter and the hunted

Often, I think of myself as a hunter. Someone out there, looking for a way to get a valuable catch. Staking out my domain for hours on end and watching my prey carefully, understanding its habits and identifying the weak spots.. When the time is right, a simple powerful pounce will leave the target at my mercy.

Or, so I thought. Until I realized, the hunter is actually the hunted. Hunted by desire, Hunted by greed, hunted by power - in a world where nothing is enough.

So what am I? Hunter or hunted? Perhaps both. Hunter in the illusion I see and one of the hunted in the game those super bots controlling the simulation called earth are playing.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I think I've written about my love for paper books quite a few times here. The feel of holding thick paper in your hands and the scent of the book as you discover new worlds or make new friends, is a beautiful thing. The confidence that an eBook can never replace it was constantly reinforced with every book read.

Being a world class hoarder, buying books from bargain stores to book shops to second hand stores was a hobby. Until, the traffic in the city and the long commute to any half decent place almost killed it. Most library plans weren't cost effective for a voracious reader. Neither was the collection that great.

Then kindle unlimited came into my life. The number of books read in the last two months has been phenomenal. Having ten books at a time is a luxury and the ten dollars a month is pretty affordable given my consumption rate.

Maybe, finally, the image seen in the distance is of technology grabbing a very happy me along. The dragon in me is still going to buy once a month and hoard to my hearts content.

Thursday, July 09, 2015


After an especially lost day, I was listening to music in my computer in a shuffle mode. Then, the song - Breathless came by and for lack of a better term, left me completely breathless.

When I was in college, in my third year to be accurate, this was my favorite song.I used to listen nonstop to Corrs (how i attempt to listen to Adele now). I knew the lyrics so well. Nowadays, I am hearing something, but i hardly listen and remember the lines. Some songs are way too beautiful to not know, but the rest just pass me by.

To be young (relatively) and to only worry about knowing the lyrics to a song seems so tempting now. I am pretty sure that the Harini from those days will find my current life tempting.. Or perhaps she will tell me I need to take things a day at a time.

How do I go back to being breathless when I watch life's miracles? I have no clue. I wonder some day, I figure it out.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Another Baz Luhrmann post..
Don't expect anyone else to support you
Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you'll have a wealthy spouse
But you never know when either one might run out

Sometimes, I fantasize that I am a heiress to an unknown business empire. Some body will come forth with wealth i had no idea I was entitled to, rain it on me and disappear. Then, the world will wait for me to come and explore.

As far as fantasies go, it is a pretty good one. Not much work, get whatever money can buy and just be happy. All by a simple quirk of fate.

This fantasy was my favorite when I was in college. Knowing people who were heirs now and seeing how life turns out, I am glad of who I am.

From what I have seen of privileged folks, a generation very used to luxuries, forgets to appreciate it. More often than not, the fire that helped accumulate the wealth burns out in a generation or two. The wealth disappears and a lot of lifestyle diseases become lifelong friends.

Marrying for money also leads to the same issue. The fire fizzles after sometime and then you are left with charred hands staring at burnt embers in a desolate desert.

Effort, honesty and hard work are the only things that can actually build and sustain anything. Every since I learnt to support myself, I had a lot of fun and some very hard times. But whatever those were, it has been worth it. I will always, stand on my own two legs and if by some mysterious quirk of fate, become a heiress or win the lottery, I will never quit my job. (I will just go on a world tour during my annual vacation)

Leave before it makes you soft

Another Baz Luhrmann post. :)
Live in northern California once but leave before it makes you soft

I dont live in Northern California.. however, I can connect very well with the second part of the sentence - leave before it makes you soft.

Living within one's comfort zone is an awesome feeling. Especially when the comfort zone is luxurious and divine by a lot of standards.It is like that comfortable bed that can adjust to your shape and make you feel like you are a part of it when you sink into its depths - again and again and again.

Then, the day comes when the spring creaks and you realize that by laying in it too often, you just dont have it anymore. Having a comfort zone and never getting out of it is so tempting. But sometimes, life forces you to look at your choices in the eye and makes you wonder if being is different from actually living. What do you do then? You just move on and hope that someday, you will find another form fitting bed.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The precious few

Another Baz Luhrmann post

Understand that friends come and go
But a precious few, who should hold on

I think I wrote a post last month about how people come in for a season, some for a reason and some for a lifetime. This line stuck a cord with me. Frankly, a lot of folks I thought I would stick with have become mere green icons in my hangouts. When one of my best friends from college went through a personal crisis recently, a stranger brought it to my notice. While an important choice has been haunting me for a few weeks, a friend has been offering me advice, without bothering about how often I ask him the same questions.

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle
For as the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young

When I was younger, I thought I would not stay in touch with those that werent nearby. But now, that maturity has finally caught up, my mind has accepted the reality that most of those who matter keep moving and that no matter what happens, they remain important. When an actual crisis comes, they are the ones who would actually help as I inevitably turn to them.

So, there is a promise I make today, to try and stay in touch with those that are far away. When an old and tottering me looks at the mirror, forgetting those that were precious should not be the regret staring back at me.


Another Baz Luhrmann post...
Be nice to your siblings, they're your best link to your past

The relationship with siblings is strange. Atleast, I think so. Sometimes I want to strangle my sister and at other times, just give her a bear hug for just being herself. She has moved to be closer to me recently and we have started spending a lot more time together than we have done in a decade.

It is not roses and sweet talk all the way. Actually, it is anything but. Funny thing is, she has changed a lot and still not changed at all.

They say that blood is thicker than water and I have to admit its true. However far we are and however much we have changed, we are still so similar and that shocks me time and again. Our way of expressing ourselves might be different, but she is the closest i will have to a life long friend. Hopefully, in our interest in expressing our love or in acting aloof, we will not kill each other. :)