Friday, July 31, 2015

The failed escape

I am attempting to write this post from the point of view of Laika

The female human is looking at me curiously and then going up the stairs. Now, I have to go up as that is where all the fun is but my senses warn me that something is off. Still, there is always a possibility that she would leave us unsupervised and that I can jump into the next house and tear her mother's clothesline and bean bag. I am a latent super hero and it is time she acknowledged my powers and let me live my life catching and killing those micro-organisms sent by the villains. Zoya will be a good side kick if she can stop cowering every time these guys get angry.

Why is she closing the terrace door? That is not a good sign. Uh oh, she is picking up that dreaded rusty iron leash. Its bath time. I howl my heart out to warn Zoya and we run as fast as we can. She is nowhere near and we jump across the terrace to the house next door. Ah, there is a good spot to hide, behind the bean bags, she cannot get us now!

Before we can defend our spot, she is standing over me, calling out my name.

"I know mine lady, no thank you. You are not going to drench me with water and give me a bath" the word doesnt sit well with me, neither does the act.

I run for my life and try to run around her and confuse her. Zoya strategically has landed back at our house, only to run around and get back here before the lady can come anywhere close.

She will give up and go away. She cannot catch us now! We are freeeee!

Before my victory dance, he comes out and catches me from behind. When did she call for reinforcements? I am doomed. This is the end.

I submit myself to the humiliating ordeal of being tied up and bathed while Zoya dances around me. Doesnt that dog realize she is next? Is that seriously a dance? How can she be so happy? I cant think any more as the water hits my body and I try valiantly to get out of the shackles that bind.

After what seemed like an eternity, perhaps my sneak peek of hell, I am let loose and I go and give Zoya the slap she deserves and she lies on her back, ready to be picked up and bathed.

I have to spread the joy. That is the least that I can do! I sit in the sun and watch the birds forgetting all my world domination plans.

P.S: The picture is of Laika from the days we used to take her to a doggy shop to get her a bath. Her dance drama there with loud almost got us banned for life, but the owner is a fellow dog lover who understood our ordeal just too well.


The Visitor said...

Poor thing!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I sincerely hope you were referring to me. :)

The Visitor said...

:D Ha - like I do!
Just see her in the photo - scared, with her ears folded back.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

You should see me. Tired with hair all awry. :)