Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to square one

I mentioned in my last post about Cindy finding a place to stay. Somehow, it didnt work too well and she is now with us. Tied outside my mom's house as our dogs dont seem to want to get along with her.

While we are mostly happy that she hasnt been maimed or killed and has a shelter that is legitimate, we are also unhappy as this is not the best way to keep the dog.

Zoya hasnt taken to her at all and ran away from my house to my moms to pounce on her yesterday.

It is going to be very difficult to decide what to do. Short term, she is safe and can heal from her illness. But long term.. what will we do? She is happier in the streets. We need to find her a house soon.

I hope some miracle happens and she finds a home.

She has also shown me a wonderful side to a few people who I have not paid much attention to in the past. So maybe she came into my life for a reason.

Btw, she looks so unrecognizable after a bath (courtesy my friend who owns a pet shop).


The Visitor said...

It's pretty depressing to know the reversion to earlier state.
Just a suggestion - I don't know if it will even be feasible - keep a food bowl / water bowl in a sheltered place outside your mom's place, to which she can return when she wants to. That way you don't have to tie her up, and she can have a place to keep as her base and which feels like home.

The Visitor said...

Cindy looks so nice after her bath.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Thats what we wanted to do. Since she kept coming back only people did all the wierd stuff. :( No other option but to tie her up.
She looks so gorgeous now after eating food.