Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daniel Faust - Craig Schaefer

I have had a wonderful last 3 days. The main reason for that is Craig Schaefer and his insufferable hero Daniel Faust. I am usually not a big fan of urban fantasy or even horror as a genre. But the 5 books in the series were so gripping that I spent most of my waking hours when I was not working, just giving Faust company. Faust is a very engaging character. His wrapped sense of honor and right and wrong makes him the perfect anti-hero anyone would fall for.

There is an overall arc across the 5 books and apart from the common hero, there are also a host of other interesting characters.  Vegas has a strong underground Occult community which Faust refers to as his family. His almost parents - a gay couple, his ex-girl friend and still friend JJ and his ex-boss Nicky are all introduced gradually. 

The first book "The Long way Down" introduces Faust and his soon to be Girl Friend Caitlin who is a Demon. His nemesis - Lauren Carmichael is introduced in the first book and she has a role to play till book 3.If you thought the first book was dark, book 3 takes you down a path you never wanted to walk in the first place. It just puts you in an uncomfortable spot and laughs at you as you squirm your way out of one difficult scenario after another.

In book 4 "A Plain Dealing villain" a new set of characters who are interested in getting Caitlin and Faust out of the way are introduced. Faust tries his best to lie, cheat, fight and just somehow get out of each tough situation he faces. His success is usually relative as more often than not, the end game is something none of us expect till the very end.  Books 1 to 4 teach us about the different creatures - Demons, Cambions (born of a union between Demon and Human) and of course the Conduit. But the author shows that irrespective of who comes from Hell, human beings are more scary for it is their ambition and greed that invites trouble that is worse than what you can find in any hell.

I loved book 5 the best as the occult element is relatively less and it shows just how scary plain human beings can be without much help from Hell. Book 5 sets up Book 6 really well and I really cannot wait to get my hands on the same.

Craig Schaefer has found a way to the list of my favorite authors by making me read and reread paragraphs and understand the world of Faust much better than I would like. For someone who likes simple and happy stories, this is a big leap. Thank you!


The Visitor said...

Nice review.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Thanks! For the first time, i also tried interacting with the author in goodreads and he got back! I really liked him. :)

The Visitor said...

That's great!

The Visitor said...

Nothing perks up an author than a personal word from a reader. :)

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I have decided to contact a few of the authors I read in Kindle unlimited directly. They are fun to read. :)