Monday, August 24, 2015

Ticket to Ride

Another board game we got off awesome Amazon. ( I dont think i can thank amazon enough for making board games available in India which were never here before)

It is a railway themed game. The objective is to build a train route across the country. In our case, we got US of A. There are two types of cards available. The first is the destination ticket that highlights two cities that have to be linked to get bonus points.

The second is an extensive set of railway car cards.The cards are of multiple colors and look amazing.

At the beginning of the game, each player is given 4 car cards and 3 destination cards. They can choose to have at least 1 destination cards because if the route is not laid out, you will lose the number of points highlighted in the card.

At each turn, a player can 1) Pick 2 cards - Either 2 face up cards (one if it is a locomotive - which is like a wild card) or 1 face up and one facedown card or 2 cards from the deck. or 2) Build a route - the route should be only between two connecting stations 3) Pick up destination tickets

You can choose to hoard the cards you pick and play only when you have enough railway car cards to build long routes. You need to balance between covering more stations and building long routes. There is no wild card to make you lose your car cards, so you can afford to hoard.

The game also has a longest route bonus, so you need to play strategically.

A pretty interesting game which can pull you in for almost an hour or more. Definitely recommend it

The games on offer yesterday: Had such a lovely day.


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You should try a few of these board games. They are pretty interesting.