Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why reading is essential

I am a book worm. I have read over a 100 books this year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I feel that a lot us dont value reading as much as we ought to. When I tell most people that I spend my free time reading, the usual question I am asked is - "Dont you get bored?" or a comment like - " I sleep if i read a few pages" greets my ears.

I do not enjoy sports, but I do try to play because I get to know more about people when I play with them than when I actually talk to them. That being said, here are five reasons I think why reading for pleasure should be made compulsory for all adults:

1. Your language improves - this is the simplest and the most definite advantage I can see. Irrespective of which language you read in - whether it is English or your native tongue, your vocabulary improves by leaps and bounds when you read.
2. You come up with wise quips on a lot of situations - Your vocab improves and you then start coming up with funny one liners and come backs during a conversation making you a far more enjoyable person to spend time with
3. You get to escape to another world - whether it is a mystery or a fantasy or a thriller, books have a way of taking the readers to another dimension altogether
4. Your mind expands and you see a world full of possibilities. I dont know how, but every time i read a book - whether it is fiction or non fiction, I see a million opportunities in the world around me. Opportunities I never noticed in the first place
5. You have a way out of most tough situations. At least for me, in a lot of tough situations, I think of some of the characters I have read or some of the wise words from authors and sooner than later, I have a solution. The world becomes my oyster again.

I wish I could share my joy of reading with more people. But considering that wont happen too easily, I am at least glad to be surrounded by family who love reading as much as I do. :)

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