Thursday, September 10, 2015

How I live with it

Everyday when I leave my house and hit the streets of Bangalore, I see hopeful eyes. They're everywhere and they give me such a heart breaking look. Puppy or doggy eyes, it doesn't matter. I am very tempted to pick them up and take them home. Every time I don't, I imagine how the dog is going to struggle. More often than not, they don't struggle much.

I see a few of them every day. Happy in their own way with their lot. Some live, some die, some hurt, some love... But that's their life and they're so free.

I think of that and be happy and live with myself. Else the house will be full of dogs. :)

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The Visitor said...

Having pets, specifically dogs, opens our eyes to a world where we start looking at animals as other sentient beings with their own emotions.