Monday, September 21, 2015

Monkey Menace

Yet another rambling post from me about the monkey menace here. A few incidents that happened over the last 3 weeks in our community has made me wonder whether to laugh or to cry.

1. The alcoholic: My friend has a bar in the terrace. He collects fine wine and whiskey, and has parties in his terrace. A group of monkeys rummaged his cupboards, drank the alcohol and broke the bottles before leaving. He is now figuring out how to repair his terrace
2. The savory lover: We had gone to a nursery to pick up plants for the backyard. When we were out, two monkeys opened the loosely bolted kitchen window and entered the house to make away with a pack of murukku!!!  Zelda caught them just in time before they could take a packet of cheedai.
3. The sweet tooth : My neighbor has a sweet tooth. So do the monkeys who visit her house. Day before, they made off with burfi on her table. Yesterday, it was half a kg gur. Both days, they ran away taking the packet. But today, they  helped themselves to a packet of ladoo, sat on the table while the lady hosed them, finished the whole box and then left.
4. The garbage police: We have a garbage collection schedule and some monkeys are in on it. They arrive a few minutes before the garbage collector comes, rummage through the dustbins, eat what they want and watch while he takes the rest away
5. The thirsty one: Another group of monkeys open waterbottles, taps and even tanks to quench their thirst.

As funny as it is, it is also a menace and I sometimes wonder when the conflict will come to a head. A shopkeeper lost 4kg of banana to an attack and is pretty upset about the incident.

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