Sunday, September 27, 2015

The ceaseless patter

It was a very hot afternoon today. So hot that I gave the two jokers a bath with my husband and their new friend. (More about them in another post)

They dried in a matter of minutes and so did all the clothes that I had put out to dry. We had an awesome lunch and a peaceful sleep in the afternoon. After our walk, we saw some clouds and before we knew it, it was drizzling.

As suddenly as it started, the drizzle stopped and we went about doing our usual evening stuff.

When I was writing my farewell post, it started pouring like crazy. The drama artist in me wanted to think its a sign, with nature matching my mood. It is raining, rather pouring now and as i watch the ceaseless patter, I think of how the rain means different things to different people. Or different things to the same person.

I love watching the rain. Absolutely love the sounds of rain on the roof too. Today, it feels like a cleansing to me. Something to symbolize the fact that things can change easily and the rain will wash all the dust away and create something new.

The rain will give my garden some hope and all those tiny plants will bloom, sprout and just make the world a better place to live in.

The rain will forgive all that was, all that could have been and just let all that is be.

The rain will pave way for the new me and for new life in general to emerge.

The rain will just create and move on, becoming one with the earth to come back when needed.

The ceaseless patter continues to comfort and inspire me. I love it and wish that it would stay somewhere in my mind all through.

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The Visitor said...

Lyrical post.