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The giver quatret - Lois Lowry

I like books which talk about how the world can change from what it is to something else completely. Not the gory post apocalyptic ones, but the ones where you can see what people can do to each other without any real physical violence. Those are scarier and more real.

The Giver quartet, by Lois Lowry is one such series. I read the first book way back in July and was a little too affected to want to read the rest of the series. Somehow, I got myself to borrow them on kindle unlimited and finally completed them.

There are four books in the series - The Giver, Gathering Blue , Messenger and Son.

The books are set in a world after something bad happened to the world as we know it. People live in communities, separated from each other and often unaware of the existence of the other. The first two books are set in communities very different from each other. While the community in the Giver is pretty scientifically advanced and treats people as commodities, the one in Gathering blue is not as advanced and relies on the land for all their needs.

Both communities are unrelated and separated by a forest which plays a very important role in the third book. Jonas, from the first book belongs to a community where everyone is assigned a role in their twelfth year. He is assigned the role of a Receiver. Someone who will get to store all the knowledge about the world and use it to guide the community in times of need. The knowledge involves awareness about colors, emotions and life in general because in an attempt to reduce pain and increase productivity, all forms of creativity have been removed from his community. There is only uniformity, even in color so nobody gets treated differently.

The Giver and the Receiver were the only two people who are aware of things others dont even know exist.

You watch and fall in love with the boy who learns about a strange world and comes to terms with it and makes a very brave decision.

Kira, in Gathering blue, is a handicapped girl, who is allowed to live only because of her mother's persistence. All damaged children are killed as soon as they are born otherwise. After her mother's death, rather than be destroyed, she is given a position of power - to mend the singer's robe and to record the story of the community for posterity.

She is especially skilled with thread and needle and she starts weaving a new story for the village she is a part of. She slowly comes to terms with her powers and understands the reality of the situation they are in and rather than try to run away from it, attempts to change it.

Kira and Jonas meet in the third book and Gabe, a kid in the first book plays a very important part in the fourth.

While the first two books were really well written and interesting, I lost interest from the third book on. The fourth was definitely the worst, as I was really let down by the ending. I wish it had not been that way. I would still recommend reading the series as the writing is lyrical and the characters are so beautifully crafted.

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