Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bad attitude

I have been raving about the changes in my life. I can safely say, I am almost used to my new routine and in fact, enjoying some aspects of it.

There is one thing that takes time getting used to, and that is bad attitude. Due to a few unavoidable reasons, I seem to have gotten off on a wrong footing/ created a wrong impression with a few folks and the attitude just maddens me to say the least.

Take the case of this driver we had last month. He came late one day and rather than blast him like my sister did, I took him with me to office though I did not need a driver. We gave him a few days off as we wanted him to enjoy the long weekend and drove ourselves around. The monday after the long weekend, he did not show up. Someone else picked up his phone and spoke nonsense.
No call, no message, nothing for three days. We had to follow up with him constantly and finally he said that he cannot come and gave no reason. We knew he had no other income, but he was still cheeky.

Last week, he was grinning at me when we were walking the dogs in the evening. He had been employed to drive a tempo by someone. Laika growled at him and I was delighted with her.

Then, there was this person who was working on the grill for our house. He finished 90% of the job and then left it incomplete and disappeared. Funny thing about him, he did not collect the money that was due to him. :) He finally came a month later, finished everything and collected money. He was too over worked to complete his commitments, so he was just unprofessional, not an ass.

Even a few non blue collar folks I know seem to have a pathetic attitude towards work and are very unprofessional, but for fear that they might some day read this blog, I dont want to talk about them.

I have accepted that my tolerance for bull shit is low and that I still need to be polite as sometimes speaking your mind doesnt get the job done and my focus is just that - get things done. Perhaps some day I will become more self sufficient. :)

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