Thursday, October 22, 2015

The third step

My third step in the golu has the ten avatars of Vishnu. These avatars are supposed to follow the order of evolution. Matsya, the fish, kurma - the tortoise, Varaha- the boar,  Narasimha-half man half lion, Vamana- the dwarf, Parasurama-the angry man, Rama- the ideal man, Balarama- the strong man, Krishna-the man suited for the current world and kalki-the man on the horse.

Behind the avatars is the Vishwaroopam of the vamana avatar. I love the face of this idol.
I have ranganatha sleeping on adisesha and the famous scene from ramayana where hanuman sits at a height higher than ravana. I love the whole aura of the scene.

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