Monday, November 23, 2015

A first

I think I have mentioned enough times that I live in/near a village. Going home from anywhere without a car has been unimaginable - till today. We are 100% reliant on cars - ours or a neighbors or a cab.

Today, we (my better half and I) were stuck as our usual ride got delayed due to some crazy last minute stuff. Outer ring road was jampacked and cabs were a distant dream. Most of our neighbors were already near home and we couldnt hitch a ride. As we stood wondering, we spotted a bus that went half the distance we had to go and got in.

This was one of the fancy buses with AC and full of IT folks looking at gadgets/sleeping. It was nice to watch the rain from the comfort of the bus. Our stop came and the drizzle stopped temporarily. While we were wondering who to call for help, another bus came and based on my newly learnt Kannada, we understood that it went pretty near our place. The bus was full of people very unlike us, headed home no doubt after a very tiring day. It was quiet and such a contrast to the other bus as nobody was on the phone - everyone was trying to sleep or just relax. Someone even fought with the conductor for charging 2Rs extra!

In all the drama, we missed our stop as we could not recognize the landmarks from inside the bus. But, we got down a little before the next stop and walked home in the rain. We actually enjoyed the experience. I dont know if I would love it so much if I had to do it everyday.. Still, it was a good start and I am happy. Life is beautiful and there are so many new experiences just waiting for me.