Thursday, November 12, 2015

A quiet Diwali

This year, there has been a shift in how people are celebrating the festival of lights. Madurai, where I am from has a very lively Diwali usually. People bursting crackers nonstop and lot of laborers/workers asking the slightly better of families for money to get crackers. Perhaps it is the proximity to Sivakasi or perhaps it is the Madurai style of celebrating everything king size, but Diwali is pretty noisy there.

This year, it was relatively quiet. I was very surprised. It was not raining. We had to go to check on something and we left on Tuesday afternoon in an auto as driving a car through the cracker filled roads could cause issues. Funnily, nobody was seen and the usual "whose house has more paper from bursting crackers" game was not happening.

We reached Bangalore on Wednesday night, the day folks were celebrating Diwali here and it was quieter. Good thing for Zoya who was sick with worry, but seriously, what is happening to noisy Diwalis? Are people actually becoming more conscious of the environment? Or have crackers become expensive? ( I have never had to buy - dad buys always! It is our tradition)

I had my fill of sweets and some very interesting visitors, so I am not complaining. (I burst crackers in Madurai and Laika watched me throughout. :D)

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