Monday, November 16, 2015


Today, was a very scary day. I was looking forward to a pretty interesting work week and headed to office as usual. At 1030, I receive a call from my maid that the dogs have run away.

She tried to find them, but couldnt, so she was going to continue working in other houses. I really lost it - scenes of Laika fighting with dogs and tearing the pants of watchmen she doesnt like flashed through my head.

I posted in our "Pet Owners" whatsapp group about the incident and told them that we would be coming home. A friend there told us that it wouldnt make a difference as there was a real big jam outside my office and it would take me a minimum of 2 hours to get out of office. I called my dear maid again and found out it was just Zoya who was out. I had to verify with color as she calls both dogs "Laika".

I called up a friend to check if he saw Zoya near his house and was very surprised to find out that he was actually out in the rain looking for her. A couple of others joined as well. They took biscuits for her and tried to entice madam but she didn't fall for it and somehow disappeared right in front of their eyes. I was super tensed and we took a cab home, skipping lunch.

When we came home, she was safe inside. I dont know how that happened, but today was one of those days that re-affirmed my belief in friends and community. Some people are truly amazing and some bonds are pretty strong when they are formed because of something/someone we love.

The trouble maker is sleeping and shivering in her sleep now.


The Visitor said...

Glad that Zoya is safe - one of my imagined nightmares is to be in a "pet-missing" scenario.
But why did she "run-away"? Don't pets try to reach home, when they're scared?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

She ran away as she wanted to go and meet her boy friends who were all missing due to the rain. She did come back home, but when she saw someone outside the gate trying to close it, she ran again. I cant imagine the stress she went through. She is very suspicious and thought they were about to catch her.