Monday, November 23, 2015

Self Sufficiency

I am a typical Bangalorean. I have household help - for cleaning, sometimes cooking, ironing, washing the car etc.

Recently, I have had few really bad experiences with my maid (letting Zoya out, not cleaning vessels and bunking on days I had guests etc.), so have been evaluating living without one. Anybody I told this thought to, immediately suggested new maids. Nobody was ready to believe that I might be able to survive without one. I am experimenting from today and I really hope that one way or the other, I can finally become self sufficient.

Another help who let me down was the iron-wala. He happily burnt my brand new pant and forgot to inform me. I was wearing it when my sister spotted a hole in a very strategic location before I left home. Thank god for small mercies. So, I started ironing my clothes yesterday. It took me 25 mins to get 3 pieces of clothing ironed, largely because I have never done it before and according to Sachin, it was not a straight cut (he is much better at it than me). We are going to get an ironing table today as well.

Let me see how this experiment with self sufficiency works out for me.