Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anjanadri hills

In hampi, we took a boat from near the Vitala temple to Anegodi. There were bikes being moved along with humans. The ride itself was an experience.

Anegodi was so fertile. No wonder kingdoms battled with the Vijayanagara dynasty. We trekked up the Anjanadri hills. It was 580 steps one way. There were quite a few people attempting the climb in the hot sun.

One man walked up to me and my sister and asked us what we do for a living. We said software, as explaining our finer occupation gets very taxing and we leave that conversation for people we'll keep running into. I continued to climb up as based on my previous long climbs, I know that stopping makes me want to rest longer. A few minutes later, I hear the man telling his wife, "See software people are climbing and you, the person who works on the soil is unable to." :)

We reached the peak in about 30 mins and spent a long time looking around. This place to me, exuded an aura of challenge. The wind blew from all directions and there were lot of smaller places to climb to.

The climb down was much faster. In life as well, it's harder to climb up, but far easier to fall down from any pedestal.

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