Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chitradurga fort - day one

I've been wanting to visit this fort for a long time. Every trip we take in this route, we plan to stop here. Unfortunately it never happened. This time around we managed to make time for it and man.. It was mind blowing.
The whole fort is shaped like a snake so the enemy cannot enter easily. There are seven gates- each more ornate than the previous. This place also gave wings to my imagination as I saw the whole war happening.. What with secret doors, underground chambers, prehistoric engravings, heavy duty artillery and a very interesting story about a woman who killed 80 men using a ulakkai by the time her husband finished lunch.. Our guide was very dedicated and his stories were so lively.
I'll write a longer piece about it sometime later as I want to relive the experience. For now, I want to just tell the world to watch out for such small gems of Indian history which are located in nondescript towns in the middle of nowhere.

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