Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Forbidden island

Today thanks to two persistent friends of Laika, we got around to playing this game.
It is a cooperative game. The players work together to defeat the board. A lost city has four treasures which have been hidden to prevent people from stealing them. Every move within the board takes you closer to causing a flood which can remove parts of the island and even submerge you. If one player sinks the game is over. All is not lost for you have treasure cards handy. You can use them to pick up the lost treasures and also use the special cards to save yourself or your team. Everyone gets a special power. The pilot can fly anywhere, the engineer can mend multiple parts in one go and the diver can just swim away when things go wrong. Together you save the treasures and fly out. Very beautiful concept that's been executed well.
It was a very interesting 30 mins. A game I'd love to play often.

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