Wednesday, December 09, 2015


One of my childhood memories is of my grandfather sitting in front of the TV and watching the Tamil news. I used to throw a tantrum when some program of mine got interrupted. Still, he persisted in watching it( he seldom did things I didn't like). Even when he was sick, he got a cable connection for the black and white TV in his room. My father, watches debates in television and is quite up to date.

As for meMe- I hate watching news in the television. I don't want to know all that's wrong with the world. Looking at a news reporter tell what's happening around the world puts me ill at ease. Always the one to believe that like history, news is also written by the victors I stayed away. I read the economic times, but that's about it.

Facebook started showing me things that were trending. This, I soon realized was even worse than television news. The mob likes to talk about negatives much more than anything that's positive. Marissa Meyers severance package is more sensational than the army men risking their lives and saving people. In fact, garbage in Chennai is shown, but nobody talks about the people giving away their salaries and the minimum they have to start afloat. Even dog groups have longer discussions on abused and abandoned dogs than of happy dogs and owners.

Have we as a society become negative? Or is it just that those that are positive are out making a difference instead of talking about it? I want to believe it's the latter. If it is the former, there isn't much hope left. I'd rather be ill informed than informed of only the ills. Hope is the best thing ever.

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