Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Into the middle of nowhere

In Badami, there's Agastya lake near the caves. We decided to walk around the lake the other day. Soon after we started our exploration, we took a path through the village as parts of the pathway were covered with water and we were nowhere near flexible as the village women.

As we wandered through the village, we found a road behind the archeological museum and took it in the blazing sun. We had a few goats for company, but otherwise, there were no tourists around. It was a beautiful route and we invented a lot of stories about the place as we walked around.

We reached the summit after a long walk and the view was amazing.

In most places, I feel there's a spirit that's waiting to be discovered. Where tourists frequent, their curiosity and interest changes the spirit but in those untouched areas, the aura is there, waiting to be experienced.

Badami's aura was one of serenity. The city saw Vaatapi, it saw the Chalukyas, the pallavas and even the British. It knows that the powerful die, that worshippers change and that things admired disappear. Nothing will remain forever except perhaps art.

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