Wednesday, December 09, 2015


I have posted about being constantly harassed to have kids.

Anything which talks about the taboo topic of the effects of pregnancy on a career without bringing in how beautiful motherhood is, catches my attention.
I am not sure how many have watched this ad of myntra.

It is a new age ad. I really do appreciate it. There are women out there who are making decisions without treating pregnancy as a handicap and who actually are ready to confront  their bosses. They want to manage their career and their children as both are equally important to them. Some are successful in growing professionally and personally. The majority, well, they are quietly swallowing it all up and moving ahead.

This ad did strike a chord with me as I have seen people being discriminated against (never directly, we are all too decent right?) because they choose to have children. One manager was telling this friend of mine who was trying to learn something new at work, "Why are you bothering about it, you will get an average rating, nobody wants to put down a mother. All the extra hours will not help you get a very high rating. Go focus on your child." It was his luck that my claws stayed in that day.

Coming back to the ad - it is beautifully shot. It is a dream. But there is the issue - it is just a dream. It is way too ideal.

When you are pregnant, especially, when you are perhaps a few weeks away from delivering, your mind would be on figuring out how to handle all the changes in your life. There are going to be way too many for a normal person. Identifying what to do after a 3 month maternity leave and how to manage the kid, is probably right in the top of the list of questions.

How the hell are you able to make such a big financial decision as the lady in the ad does? How deep must your pockets be, to be able to actually go ahead and rent and build such a big office? Given the real estate rates, renting or buying is just way too expensive. Who are you really? You are not the norm for a new age woman. You are an exception. The new age woman is still working on her identity. She has perhaps managed to plan her pregnancy, plan her life to a large extent, but she might not be in a position to actually start off on her own. I would love nothing more than for this to be a reality.

Even for someone as privileged as me, it is a big distant dream. Perhaps possible after a lot of sweat and tears, because I have a very supportive family and I will have someone to take care of the kid and someone to actually feed me and help me retain my lifestyle with all the expenses a kid would bring in.  But for someone not so lucky? It is not going to happen. Perhaps someday, our banks would be ready to give such loans out, our society would be able to see beyond the size of a stomach. Until then, I will just be happy watching these ads.


The Visitor said...

Following your link i saw the ad. Nicely made. Myntra has a collection of such ads towards woman empowerment. Inspirational, though somewhat unrealistic. Anyway something is better than nothing.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

True. Just the something is enough for now to show me that there is a shift in the ad thought process. Way better than women swooning over perfumes.