Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Self Sufficiency?

It does come at a price. I have been maid-less for sometime now and it has been a truly eye opening experience. (10 days since I officially fired her, but more than a month since she has stopped working)

I know where everything is in my house now. I realise that 80% of the things that were supposedly washed and stacked in a rack havent been used in ages. I spend 60 mins to 90 mins everyday cooking, cleaning and in general getting to know my house and my habits better.

I am not sure how much longer we will continue with this, but we have learnt a few important lessons:

1.We have to not accumulate so much. We need to be less materialistic. A lot of things we got are hardly being used!!
2. We have to reduce some existing clutter (we have already thrown away a lot of vessels. Clothing is going to go next)
3. Cleaning the house is like working out. You just cannot sit and do anything. For people stuck in desk jobs, this is essential
4. It is not that difficult.
5. Time management - If you are a successful professional, you will actually find this experience similar to managing any project you might have. A lot gets done when you actually plan it.

Now, I am not a very gourmet cook. I make simple things. Also, I have a job with flexible hours, so we are out of the house by 730 and back by 6. This gives us quite sometime at home. Would all this change if my responsibilities evolve or if we get to have longer hours? Only time will tell. But in just 10 days, I have become far more efficient in a lot of things. Maybe, just maybe, this is here to stay.

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