Monday, December 14, 2015


Last week, in my eating spree, I went and had an icecream in Swensens. A brief history of my relationship with Swensens - there was a point in time, I might have become their brand ambassador. I have lost count of the number of people who've been introduced to the place by me. We did pretty well - Swensens and I.

This whole year, I was nowhere near an outlet. Finally giving into temptation, when we walked into one, I ordered one of their relatively smaller sundaes (The menu hasnt changed at all! I have had every single item many times over)

50% into it, I couldnt have another bite. It was overwhelming. I surprised and shocked myself. While I spent a lot of time last week cribbing about over eating, this reminded me how less I was eating compared to how much I used to eat!

For a few minutes, I was truly happy and of course later upset thinking of the unfinished ice cream and wondering what indulgence I need to find now. One piece of chocolate seems to be the right thing..

This piece is not intended to make fun of anyone who loves ice creams. This is just my personal story of how much my life has changed over time and how moderation is not necessarily a bad thing.

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... and of course later upset thinking of the unfinished ice cream