Monday, December 21, 2015

The Pedestrian Headache

We carpool to work. I have not driven to office even once( in the new job). Since my husbands office is a little away from mine, he drops me and then I cross the road to get to mine.

It is a headache to say the least. There is a signal meant for pedestrians like me to cross over. Unfortunately, nobody ever follows it. The cars' speed seems to increase whenever there is a red. The poor pedestrians are left bullying our way across the road. We wait patiently till there are around 20-30 of us and then we walk across the road. I am sure that the ones on either corner are having a mini-heart attack when they are crossing the road. I was in the corner only once and my heart rate accelerated so much. If I ever take to a life of crime, I know how I will feel before a heist.

There is this movie in which the heroine is trying to flick a valuable painting. She trains a lot, goes through this room full of lasers by twisting and turning. I am sure,she will identify with me. And perhaps, she might get hit as these cars don't have any pattern and are the bosses of the road.

As a driver myself, I always stop for pedestrians and get honked every single time by the vehicles behind me - even, (and this is the funny part) if the signal is a bright red.

Why are we so irritating? Does it stem from a place of superiority as we can afford swanky cars? Or does it stem from a lack of sensitivity? I don't know. I just know that I am going to continue to walk and hopefully survive.

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