Friday, December 18, 2015

The whisper of stars

I was reading this book yesterday and today. It has a really scary concept.

The resources in the world have run out and all that is left is governed by the UN. People living within the UN boundary are able to have access to resources and the rest, do not. They live outside the safe zones. The ones within the safe zone are asked to hibernate - spend every alternate year in a deep sleep and come back to lead their lives after that. When they are sleeping, they are hypnotized, but have no idea what is actually happening.

Jen, a straightforward police officer, accidentally stumbles into a plot she is an intrinsic part of and tries to save her world.  Nathans life changes after his wife Kat, an investigative reporter was killed when she was following up a lead on Jen's dad Jacob. Jacob had hidden an artifact in front of Jen and the artifact possesses enough power to build and to destroy. How Nathan and Jen try to figure out the conspiracy forms the rest of a powerful story.

I was able to relate to the story as I find information availability is biased much more than we want to believe. Now, in a way, I feel people in the world are hypnotized by social media. They see what they want to, spread it, believe in it and are more than happy to sleep all through their lives and forget some sad realities..
This book reminded me that some science fiction is actually closer to reality than any one of us would want to believe. I hope that I am truly awake to my realities at least and that if it comes to it, I am able to make the right choice.

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