Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Undiscovered gems

This vacation, another couple had the exact itinerary as ours. Only difference, they were staying longer in hampi. The guy told us about a group of temples in lakkundi. We googled the place and decided to visit it. We spent three hours there and felt it was insufficient.

The level of detail on the sculptures was just mind blowing. The temples were symmetrical and peaceful. After a very dirty Aihole and a crowded Badami, this place was a breath of fresh air. We walked around the empty village and befriended a few local kids who were following us.

We were treated like royalty. A couple of temples were opened for us.

What's interesting here is that the temples weren't destroyed by the invading mughals, but the Jain temple was constantly desecrated by the Hindus and the Hindu ones by the Cholas.

Since the place was untouched by tourists, it had a rustic charm to it. We ate food in a small eatery and it was easily the best food we'd eaten during the trip.

The sad state of a few historic monuments was a constant in the trip. Maybe because this place is unknown and the locals are so proud of their history, it is cleaner and in a much better condition than the well known ones.

A must visit for those that are traveling to see the world and not for the world to see them.


The Visitor said...

Seems worth visiting. Nice post.
PS: Wondering what makes me want to communicate my opinions / feeling about some posts and not all posts?

The Visitor said...

PS: Don't get me wrong. Some posts are content just being read, some others prompt one to respond.
PPS: Do I make sense?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I think it all depends on what catches your fancy vs. what you fancy yourself doing perhaps? I will try to analyze and plot a pattern maybe. :) A very interesting question as I know that quite a few people read the blog based on the tagging, but there are usually not that many comments.