Saturday, January 09, 2016

First step

One of my frequent rants is about relationships. Whether intentional or not, analysing them seems to have become a life goal.

Recently I decided to get back in touch with people I fell out of touch with. There is no dearth of friends now, still, sometimes not knowing what happened just because you were lazy seems to be a ridiculous excuse. Especially to those that in a way strengthened my attitude.

I'm traveling to the bay area after three years. There are a lot of people to meet and trouble.
The one in most curious about though is someone I've not stayed in touch with. Someone who I used to really believe and confide in during the crucial years of my life.

My life is different now and I'm sure it's the same case there as well. Would what brought us together in the first place when we were eager college students still be there? It's going to be an interesting thought experiment.

It's also the first step in my life long journey to consciously cherish relationships. I'm hoping it's positive.

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