Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sail to India

Something that packs a punch in a tiny package. I was actually fooled by the size of the game and thought it wouldn't be too difficult or strategic.

The objective is to collect the maximum victory points while discovering new destinations, collecting goods and acquiring skills or buildings. While you need wealth for a few things, it's not always what will help you. You have to balance getting wealth with collecting victory points and also grab skills before other players take advantage of them.

The rules are a little difficult to follow if you try to read it and then play. It becomes much easier to play and figure out. It's a game meant for 3-4 players, and it is addictive enough to keep you playing for hours even if the end is in sight. We had a pretty long game partly due to a few breaks we were forced to take, but largely because we didn't want it to end!

We enjoyed it despite the length. None of us had played before and that definitely added to the fun.

A great one. Definitely meant for people who want to try out different strategies.

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