Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sticking to your guns

So.. When you are normally talking to someone.. They express a difference of opinion. What do you do?

1. You feel passionately about the subject and you argue, try to make that person see your point of view until they give up or you give up
2. You aren't that interested in arguing, you just accept the different opinion, call it perspective and move on
3. You don't express anything as you feel talking to a fool is a waste of time

Irrespective of which bucket you fall in, after the conversation is over, did your opinion truly change? Are you able to distinguish between situations that make you contemplate and those that remind you why you had the opinion you have in the first place? Are you sticking to your guns and holding them so tight that you're hurting yourself? Or are you sticking to your guns and protecting your personality? Opinions shape us every single day. Opinions on life, the universe and everything. Without it, we are not just boring, but also as good as dead.

Interesting question. I wasn't attempting to answer it anyway.

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