Saturday, January 23, 2016


I like to think that I live among educated, sophisticated people. Rather, that was my delusion when we bought our own house and moved into a gated community. Over a period of time, I have gotten to understand that a degree and a ways to earn an income does not necessarily mean education or awareness and it definitely does not dictate sophistication and tolerance.

There is this small area where we let the dogs run. It is enclosed and there is a lesser chance of them chasing someone. However, there is this one gentleman with two kids who keeps hounding us every time we let our doggies play there. He is convinced that we use the area to make them poop and keeps coming to check in on us. This is funny because no sensible dog usually poops in the area it plays. This educated individual, does not get that.

Today, he was trying to show us the breadth of his vocabulary and called all pet owners M#%^&$ f&*(^%. I am surprised. I just dont get it. Why is there so much of intolerance? Why do we think that because we have reached a certain station in life, we can put people down? If something as simple as having a dog can lead to discrimination, then what else is out there that i have no idea about? The thought scares me.

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