Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What it boils down to

I read a book called "The Bette Davis club". It's about a lady who goes chasing after her niece who has run away from her wedding. Margo is desperately in need of money and her step sister's offer entices her to go on a cross country road trip to locate the run away bride. The only catch, she has to travel with the jilted groom.

Margo and Tully have interesting adventures. But to me, this book was more about what it all ultimately boils down to. It reiterates one of my favorite messages - At the end of the day, every damn thing is connected in a way we never imagined possible.

I reconnected with a friend after ages. If my trip hadn't happened when it had, if she hadn't been available like she was, if one of us had chickened out, I'd have never had a chance to talk to her and get to know a few things which have been rankling me for a while. It was a strange coincidence that I was reading a book about a road trip and enlightenment when the same thing happened to me. Life is strange.

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