Friday, February 26, 2016

Blessed by fireflies

We went on a river cruise in the night to spot fireflies. Imagine a really serene river, a sky so full of stars, that you wonder where they are when you look for them normally, a bunch of strangers coasting along, everyone intent on seeing spots of light.

The boat man, had a leaf hiding a torch and made wing like motions with it. Suddenly they appeared. Yellow colored tiny stars springing out of the river. It was awesome.
I was trying to follow one when one landed on me. A couple more followed their mate and right there, in the middle of the boat, I was blessed by fireflies. There was a very calm feeling that instant and I think they wanted me to feel it.

Did some ancestor of mine discover fire inspired by these unassuming works of art? I know not. I can only wonder. I know that I'm going to carry a part of that river with me wherever I go.