Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fitness mania

Last year, a very young neighbor of mine passed away all of a sudden. His death had a great impact on me and I started eating better, focusing on my fitness etc.

This time when I went to the US, I got myself a fitness tracker. I thought it would make me more conscious and aware. It did for the first few days. Then I realised that due to a bug, when I was in the car, it was incrementing my steps thanks to the jerks my car goes through in the pathetic Bangalore roads. I got so upset that I stopped using the damn thing.

Then, coincidentally, with all the stress, I started eating comfort food (read greasy and fatty) and now I'm wondering how to get back to being health conscious. That amazing dry fruit lassi I had this afternoon makes me want to reconsider...

I don't want the whole fitness thing to have just been a craze.I really dont want to fall off the wagon again. Please dear Lord, give me strength.

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