Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I have been reading my gita on and off for a few weeks now. Not because the book is boring or difficult, but because I really want to incorporate and understand whatever I am reading.

Devdutt says that everyone has an interpretation of the Gita and this book is his. I want to learn Sanskrit and actually read the verses in the original language and see how mine would be.

My current view of the world is often clouded by what I call a decision tree. Any analyst knows how one works. You have one or more outcomes, they lead to more and so on. At the end if you follow a set path, it ends in a certain way.

But the funny thing is, like with data, in life too, decision trees are not the most effective. There are no discrete outcomes. Each outcome is a combination of outcomes and also actions. 

My favorite belief - there is no right or wrong. Just different shades of grey and different possibilities and probabilities. Could potentially be my clouded interpretation too. :)

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