Monday, February 08, 2016

Mob mentality

When the recent incident with the girl from Tanzania hit the news, I was shell shocked. I never believed that something like that will happen in Bangalore.

Then, I started thinking about a few things happening in my life and I realized that as much as we pretend to deny it, all of us are capable of this and more. When was the last time you believed what the rumor mills told you about someone or something? When was the last time you succumbed to someone else's irrational fear? When was the last time you accepted an opinion which you knew was wrong just because it was easy?

There - you have been mobbed.

Everyone of us has a responsibility. To be discriminatory, to be rational and to always, be empathetic, no matter what. Your humanity should be the one thing that comes first. Your greatness, your intelligence, your power - all that, is secondary. Moment you forget this, you are on the path to becoming a part of the mob.

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