Saturday, February 20, 2016


I kept cursing my bad luck. I kept seeing all the dark things that loomed around me. I was depressed, suspicious and plain pissed off with the world and everything about it.

After ten days of crazy, my granny passed away. This is the final straw was what my confused brain told me. But seeing her lying peacefully in the icebox, I was in a state of wonder. It reminded me again of the fact that life is so transient. It can begin and end any day. It owns us and owes us nothing.

I can't control anything that happens to me for as much as I delude myself with a sense of grandeur and invincibility, when the time comes, nothing can stop that.

Only thing in my control is my reaction, is my ability to forge relationships that matter, my hope to do things that matter in any small way I can.

Once I started thinking that way, I started seeing the positive in every single thing. Being able to distance myself from all the negativity and crazy, helped me so much. Maybe this is my grandparents' final gift to me. The hope and the conviction that everything is for good. One way or the other.

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