Monday, February 29, 2016

Riding the waves

The waves seem calm from the outside. They're soothing to look at and you think it would be an easy ride to the shore. Then the first bump happens. It's like you're sitting on an uncomfortable bench and it drops from one step to another. The steps are not of uniform elevation though. This keeps happening again and again.
To top it, you're hit by salt water droplets of varying intensity.
This, to me is how life typically is. It seems super simple at the outset and as things so, something out the other happens and you're on a ride you have no idea how to control.
What's interesting is how you react to it. You could cover your face and keep quiet, you can screen at the man handling the boat to be careful, you can hang on for your dear life and protect your luggage or you can just enjoy the ride as you have things in a water proof bag and a little water won't spoil it.
You don't need someone with you to ride the waves. The experience is overwhelming and you might not have the inclination to chat and enjoy the view. Still, holding the hand of someone sitting right behind you reassures you.
I have to admit. I want someone with me to ride the waves and enjoy it as much as I do. Life is all about the ride. Nothing more, nothing less.

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