Friday, February 26, 2016

Sand bubbler crabs

Everywhere in the beach(in Borneo), we saw these intricate mud bubbles. It looked too scattered to be the work of shoes and we thought some tiny insect was at work. We couldn't see any in the morning and forgot about them. As we came to watch the sun set, we saw the patterns again and they distracted us from our selfies for good. A little googling revealed that these are actually created by sand bubbler crabs who burrow the mud looking for microscopic food particles.

So many of us were walking around and they continued undisturbed in their quest. Perhaps their wise old men equivalent have told them to ignore the big blundering idiots who keep walking around stepping on their work all the time. How do the crabs feel when careless feet destroy their work? Or do they not care at all? They've already found the food they wanted and this was just a means to them to get to it.. Could they have forgotten about it?

I keep working and I get paid for it. Technically the reason I work is to put money in the bank. If someone unwittingly destroyed my work, without even being aware it was something done with a lot of effort how would I feel?

Am I becoming too philosophical over things created by creatures that might not be thinking so much? Or is this a lesson to tell me that I should also stop thinking and like said in the gita do my duty and not focus on the result? I know not.

P S the picture is of the work partly destroyed by big feet.

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